Featured Artist Joyce Wynes

Enjoy featured artist Joyce Wynes’ portfolio filled with sophisticated whimsy, and visit her website for more from this talented artist.


whimsical hands


Bright, Bold, Colorful, Flat, Semi-Abstract to Abstract, Stylized, Contemporary Images in Acrylic on Canvas . . . that is my world of ART.

As a professional illustrator, graphic designer, art director, fine artist, and adjunct professor, my career has centered around the art field all my adult life. My illustrations have been used in many higher-end magazines and periodicals internationally.


flowers in vase painting


In 2008, with the economy sinking, I took a leap of faith, closed my graphic design business and redirected all of my focus into my passion for painting by learning new techniques, creating a body of work and building up my resume. While I had continued to paint over the years in my spare time, I hadn’t had the time to market or expose my work to the public.


woman with wings


In my world of art it is all about women, hands, flowers and organic, abstract shapes.  My paintings are highly personalized images that are symbolic to events and interests that have shaped my life. The women’s movement in the 70’s and its profound effect on my views finds expression in some of my figurative paintings.


whimsical flowers


Gardening creates the fantasy flowers that tickle my brain as I dig in the soil. Hand images are used to express the frantic lifestyles and their effects on society.  In 2010 I started painting abstracts devoid of subject, while experimenting with texture, mixed media and other techniques.  These four categories of paintings are all shaped using my same style – combining simple, bold, vibrant, stylized compositions with my own perspective.


colorful hand


Three major influences shape my artistic expression. Quilting and sewing as a young girl stimulated and developed my avid interest in patterns, shapes, and color combinations and designing these elements in a way that worked together in groups. Picasso’s work has been a life-long influence on my creations. And, because my creative spirit sees beauty in simplicity, distilling the subject of each painting into its simplest elements is a central trait to my process as a painter.


whimsical flowers in vase


In 2012, I started a line of blank greeting cards and reproduction art prints for sale using new floral paintings I created for that purpose. With the help of an Arts and Science Council Regional Grant (Charlotte, NC), additional research, and my experience in marketing, my product was printed and in local Charlotte, NC and surrounding area art boutiques, as well as, museum stores in NC and NY since June.  And in September, my website became e-commerce ready for selling all my art products.


butterfly woman


My current project, a line of cards and prints inspiring women to use their power to propel themselves to greater heights, is a series of paintings called “I Am Woman, I Can Fly.”  While still in the progress, I have completed two paintings, a bird and a butterfly.


whimsical flowers


Having exhibited in numerous juried, group and solo exhibitions at galleries and museums in New York, California, North Carolina and South Carolina, several of my paintings have been awarded 1st place ribbons.  Along with the awards of the ASC Regional Grant and 2 Creative Capital 3-Day Workshops, my Romare Bearden-inspired collage was chosen in a competition and shown at the Mint Museum Uptown in Charlotte, NC during his “Southern Reflections” Exhibition.



  1. Refreshing. Continued success in your journey……Judy

  2. Thank you Judy. And what a journey it is. My journey experience is mostly about learning and growth as a person than anything else and the change that results that I can bring to my art because of that. Much success in your journey also.

  3. Love your work Joyce. Beautiful colors and patterns. Wishing you all the best!

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