Featured Artist Jose Jimenez

Enjoy the serene landscapes of painter Jose Jimenez, who celebrates the beauty of the marshlands. See more of his work by visiting his website.


clouds over marshland

Through my paintings I wish to create empathy. I want to evoke a peaceful, tranquil, relaxing sensation for my viewers that lingers and stimulates memories. I think the beauty in art is helping people be mindful and grateful for their visual experiences.


birds on beach


Words are often not sufficient enough to express feelings and I want to be able to show these emotions through my paintings. With my paintbrush I feel like I can best convey the purity of our emotional experiences. I envision myself as a director and my paintbrushes are different characters creating a play for my audience; my goal is to receive a standing ovation.


beach dunes


I want individuals to appreciate the simplicity in beauty, and share the serenity that I feel when I visualize the coast. I want to remind people that art can be an escape similar to reading or watching a movie.


Marshland painting


When I paint, it’s more than being an artist. It’s about communicating my perceptions and taking people on a visual adventure that will leave them speechless. I want my audience to see through my eyes and guide my paintbrush to manifest their experience or wildest dreams. I want to give people a sensation that goes beyond their vision.


green barn


Art should never be limited to eyes. Art is within your heart, and your imagination. Art should never be constricted; it should always stimulate wonder and mystery that pushes audiences beyond their vantage point.


marshland painting


Currently I am painting marshlands. I love experimenting with the paradox of gorgeous and grotesque. In my experience, I feel like marshlands are often neglected and dismissed, and want to remind people that there is beauty in messiness.


evening on the marsh


I want to convey the simplicity and vivacity that thrives within these lands to take my clients on a surreal adventure.  I want to be their guide and my paintbrushes are my tool.



  1. beautiful paintings…those skies are amazing!! the artist definitely achieved their goal of creating peace and tranquility in their work!

  2. Love your work! I feel the majesty of nature in what you create.

  3. Thank you very much for your nice comments. I tried to capture the beauty of nature but as you all know it’s really hard.

  4. I really like the one of the river with the small boat in the foreground. The golden light and the absolute stillness give it a wonderful mood!

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