Featured Artist Chas Sinklier

Enjoy the photography of Texas artist Chas Sinklier, who shares his high-octane portfolio of hot rods, and uses proceeds from his work to change the world.


chevy truck


My name is Chas – Chas Sinklier and I am a long time transplant to Texas from a far-away land – I like to say I made a conscious decision to become a Texan after a thorough investigation of all the alternatives ~:0)




The VivaChas! site is a chronicle of our travels and the people we meet as we trek around the Texas Hill Country – or any other place we go I suppose. I’ve worked – over the fullness of time – as a Graphic Designer & Photographer – including teaching design at some colleges and universities. I’ve found sharing what one knows is a good thing. ~:0)


Ford roadster


I love photography and would probably rather do that than anything else – except maybe for Post-Processing in Photoshop and making photo-art! That’s the reason for VivaChas! – I like to find stuff to photograph and I like to make every day an adventure.


ranch truck


My goal for VivaChas! is to spread my passion for these interests and the images associated with them around and record stuff that interests me – oh yeah, and to support some folks in need. As I often remark to my students – my greatest concern is that I have a good time sharing with them, because then I know it can’t be too tough for them to hang around and pick up a few pointers about photography, art and life.


1955 Chevy hot rod


The mob here at VivaChas! works out of what we call “The Club House” that is a small building on the property where ol’ VivaChas lives & works – we rely on third party venues for printing and shipping, so the only expenses outside production are web-site related and that’s very low. So what sort of donations do sales at VivaChas! support with the “profits” from Scenic, Hot Rod, Rat Rod & Pickup Art Photographs?


Chevy hot rod


For starters VivaChas! supports the work at World Vision International. There we and U can provide on a monthly basis the money needed by children in the needy places of the world. Right now we’re helping a one year old girl in Guatemala – As funds become available more will be done there to supply water and other necessities many of us take for granted. We also suggest U support a child through World Vision urself. That’s a great place for U to start helping as well ~:0)


Chrysler Plymouth Prowler


Here’s a link to Charity: Water – help a village get clean water. Let’s face it kids and teens are the world’s future. By supporting world relief and regional relief folks, we here at VivaChas! are pitching-in where and how we can. U can jump in where U want – it’s up to U ~:0) Our goal is for giving to remain a lasting part of our business plan as it is in our everyday lives ~:0)


Ford truck


– – – VivaChas! – – – VivaTexas! – – – and VivaYou!


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