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Enjoy the brilliant palette and energy of painter Michael Soltis, and visit his website for more from this talented artist.


numbers abstract art


I am an abstract artist and actor living in Vancouver, BC. I have studios in Vancouver and Palm Springs and split my time in these two locations.


abstract painting, typography


I have a background in graphic design and worked in management for several years before dedicating my life full-time to creating. I now spend my days painting and pursuing my acting career in film and television.


abstract art with typography


When I approach a painting, I start by applying color and texture. I typically do not have a plan in place but allow images to emerge through the application process. I like the idea of creating or molding something out of what happens organically. Sometimes the piece takes on a loose, wild and energetic aesthetic, while other times something calming, layered and more precise takes form.




I use color, shape, line, texture and typography to create my pieces but am inspired by bringing intentional design out of chaos. Even in the business world, what I liked to do involved solving problems, bringing order and putting systems in place.


abstract painting, typography


Acting is similar for me. Each character is in a world of chaos and each of them is trying to make sense of it. Putting the puzzle together in any medium is incredibly fulfilling. And the best part is that there is never one right answer! All of them are valid and the process is what’s important. This is where the learning, the changes and the discovery happens. And each new experience will color the ones that follow.

abstract painting, typography, victory sign


I’ve been fortunate to establish relationships with some great galleries this past year. I am now partnering with Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver, BC, Swenson Fine Art in Laguna Beach, CA, Axis Contemporary in Calgary, Alberta and I opened my own gallery in Palm Springs, CA called Stark + Kent Gallery. Stark + Kent features the work of 16 artists and it has been such a pleasure to bring attention and foster the careers of other artists.


abstract painting, typography


It was such a surprise to me that I opened the gallery but I had an opportunity and decided to go for it. I have found being a gallery owner to provide a good amount of challenge but is incredibly rewarding.


abstract painting, typography


I hope to continue to partner with galleries across North America and bring my work to a broader audience. I am always exploring opportunities to work and consistently search for exciting juried shows and public art projects to be involved in.


abstract painting, typography


I was fortunate to have my work featured in Anthology Magazine and also be included in The Artist Catalogue Winter Issue. Because of the exposure media provides, I would love to continue to have my work featured in online and print publications.


Adrenaline 36x48


Having my work included in a museum collection eventually is a long term goal and one that I always keep in the back of my mind. Keeps me going back to the studio to create, learn, grow and explore!



  1. i LOVE your work! i’ve always been attracted to abstract, graffiti inspired work…use to create it with graphite for awhile!

    i’m going to be in Palm Springs end of February, so am excited to check out your gallery!!

    good luck with your long term goal…i have a good feeling that you’ll do it!!

  2. Thank you Kathryn! I will be back in Palm Springs in mid February so might miss you but I hope you enjoy your visit to our gallery and to Palm Springs.

  3. hey,

    I love your artwork. it is so cool.
    You inspire me.

    Thank you.

    Dont ever change and keep up the good work!

  4. kathy durkot says

    I have a small section of an old barn door with an owl painted on the door. It is signed
    Soltis. I bought this piece years ago at a craft sale. Is this your work. Kathy

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