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Will Kefauver’s classic style captures beautiful moments in time. Enjoy his landscapes, and see more from this talented artist by visiting his website.


oil painting, landscape, trees in landscape

Somes Evening, 8″ x 8″ Oil on Canvas


I paint to remember. I paint to imagine. I paint to share the experience.


Beech trees, oil painting

Vineyard Beech, 12″ x 9″ Oil on Linen Panel


These are the remembrances of places I’ve been, things I’ve seen, and paths I’ve walked. As much as I love nature and the outdoors just as they are, in these remembrances, I can imagine that there a brighter glow coming over the hill. I can imagine a swath of orange moving across an afternoon field where none may be. Even imagining a brighter blue in the water — brighter than it was, but as bright as it seems it should have been.


"Maine Dock" 14" x 20" Oil on Linen

“Maine Dock” 14″ x 20″ Oil on Linen


As a painter, it’s my prerogative, maybe my responsibility, to see the world in a different light — to see it bigger or brighter, maybe more somber. And, it’s my honor to be able to share these views with others — hopefully to give someone else a chance for a different view and a different way to appreciate what we see every day.


"Field at Dusk" 20" x 24" Oil on Linen

“Field at Dusk” 20″ x 24″ Oil on Linen


My medium is oils and the root of my choice is both a visceral and a tactile attraction. More than just the range of color, I love the feel — mixing on the palette, pushing the paint around the canvas. While I’ve worked in watercolor and colored pencil as well, I’ve found nothing gives me the feeling of total flexibility like oils. And, such a benefit that I can move them around and actually make pictures! Nice!


"Adirondack Loj" 12" x 16" Oil on Linen

“Adirondack Loj” 12″ x 16″ Oil on Linen


I’ve always loved the way the surface of a painting develops more complexity and interest as it grows. I’d like to find ways of pushing that interest, making the surface a subject of it’s own, even as the image becomes more engaging.


Lake Placid Autumn, 10" x 18" Oil on Canvas

Lake Placid Autumn, 10″ x 18″ Oil on Canvas


My subjects are not unusual ones — clouds, barns, water, and rocks — within those, though my fascination is with the light hitting the surface. I like being able to go beyond the simple depiction of the “thing” and into an exploration of the effects of the light which plays on it.


landscape painting, oil painting, lake and mountain

“Croton Point II” 20″ x 20″ Oil on Linen


If you’ve seen my work, you’ve seen where I’ve been. And, of course, I hope you’ve liked what you’ve seen. Going forward, I’m striving for more depth and more life in my paintings and training myself to see more clearly impediments to that goal. While each step along this path informs the one which comes next, it is also a milestone and a joyful part of the journey.


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  1. These paintings are gorgeous. I love Maine Dock and Croton Pont II.

  2. This has to be one of the most clearly and beautifully written artists statements I have ever read. It make the art even more admirable.

  3. lovely paintings…they certainly capture a mood in time! i love the clouds and reflections in the water!!

  4. Glenda M. Ownby says

    You, sir, are an inspiration. I LOVE your work. A friend sent me this and I am all over it and into it. I am a working girl that loves to paint. I would be interested in any workshops you might offer. Your work has me reaching Thanks.

    • Thanks so much for your kind comments. I may be running some workshops in Maine towards the end of the summer. If you are interested, shoot me your email and I’ll let you know as plans firm up.
      Happy painting!

  5. I admire your paintings. Lake Placid Autumn is my favorite, it is so peaceful.

  6. Will you already know I love your paintings but I like what you say about your work, too. It’s hard to describe how, what why we do what we do!

  7. Thank you all. Particularly for your nice words about the artist’s statement. Doing the statement is way more difficult than the painting itself!

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