Featured Artist Cynthia House

Australian artist Cynthia House is known as “The Pastel Cat Artist” for her focus on animal subjects. She shares her story and invites to you visit her website for more information.


'Nefertiti' 2012 pastel on paper 43 x 30cm


Capturing the heart of my subject is the primary focus of my art. It’s the natural world with its endless wonder, colour and incredible variety that inspires in me a fascination I’ve had since childhood.


two cats


My great love of animals, in particular cats of all sizes, motivates me to want to share what fascinates me, so having always been a creative person it’s only natural to want to paint them.


'Go On Throw it Again' pastel 36 x 40cm


For me a painting must tell a story, have a point of view to share, touch your soul or make you feel, not just be a pretty picture. In fact I think artists are storytellers.


'Wild at Heart' 2012 acrylic on canvas paper 50 x 36cm. original


For a long time I painted with acrylics until I went to a pastel workshop and discovered what lovely soft animals I could create with pastels. In the past several years as I’ve taken my art more seriously I’ve been fortunate to receive some wonderful commissions for pet portraits. They have given such joy to people that I also get great satisfaction from creating them knowing just how much a dearly loved pet can mean.


'Sweet Dreams' 2011 pastel 20.5 x 20.5


American wildlife artist the great Bob Kuhn, particularly inspired me to push myself to be the best artist possible. Although I’ve always been an artistic person I wasn’t always a painter. Sculpture captivated me for many years but I eventually wanted a more immediate medium so I chose to paint and haven’t looked back, always chasing the challenges that exploring different subjects and mediums can offer.


'Christmas Companions' acrylic 2010 email


Even though cats are my primary subject I am working towards wildlife art with a focus on the smaller lesser known endangered animals, such as the Scottish wildcat. It deeply saddens me just how many species are facing extinction so I would like to paint as many of them as I can in the hope that in some small way I can show with my paintings their extraordinary beauty and bring about awareness and appreciation of their existence.


Scottish Wildcat 'Last of the Highland Tigers'


Recently I’ve been experimenting with watercolour, creating fun little images that I sketch over with pencil after they are dry. I would like to explore art licensing of these small artworks once I have a neat portfolio of work I’m pleased with.


'A Place in the Sun' 2012 acrylic on paper 36 x 22cm.jpg original no copyright


Having just discovered the joy of painting with oils I think I’ve found the medium I can best express myself with in the way I want, but who knows, next month I might have found something else that excites me.



  1. i also have a great love for animals as well…and that love shows in your work! I especially like the first piece…beautifully done!!

  2. Kathy Amspacher says

    I love cats…your paintings are beautiful…I think I first saw your work in Pastel Journal but not sure…I have 4cats and they are a constant source of inspiration both for my heart and my art…we also have lovely and very secretive wildlife in our north Carolina mountains….you would love the bears and coyote

    • Thank you Kathy. I have three cats and like you mine constantly give me ideas and inspiration for the next painting. Coyote are on my list of ‘to do’ wildlife as well as wolves, among so many others. It must be wonderful to live in an environment that supports such a diverse array of exciting wildlife as Carolina. Not sure who the artist in the Pastel Journal was, sadly not me….I wish….but it’s so uplifting to know you like my work.


  3. It’s wonderful to know my art has connected with you and thank you Kathryn for your postive comments it’s very much appreciated.


  4. paul pearson says

    Hello Cynthia … my name is Paul Pearson and I am a neighbour (or was as I have just sold my place) of your brother Geoff up in Kuranda. We have been neighbours for over 10 years and I have go to know Geoff a bit better over the past few years. He is a wonderfully considerate and decent human being, a rough diamond in the true sense of the word I think. I have been admiring your painting of the “Crow Indian” which takes pride of place in Geoff’s expansive “ranch”, so much so that I asked him the other day if he would sell it to me (not really understanding the significance of the beautiful painting). I was told in no uncertain terms that that was not going to happen. So to my question Cynthia. Would you be willing to paint another “Crow”, just like that one for me so I too can hang it in my place? It is such a hauntingly beautiful depiction and so artfully captured. Your artwork is exceptional as I too love animals of all kinds. You can reply by return email or my mobile number is 0409715913. Sincere best wishes … Paul

  5. Your work is so colorful, and just lovely. I have 2 cats, and they are so different. I love your connection with them, it shows up well in your art!:)

  6. These paintings are BEAUTIFUL,these are great for all you cat lovers out there.
    Out standing work Cynthia.

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