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blue abstract  painting


Right now I am finishing a commission and can’t wait to start playing in the studio and creating work for the coming season of fairs.  I love creating with acrylic because the medium dries so fast that you can move really quickly from a blocking in stage to layering with glazes and adding and subtracting areas.  I feel it is a medium that fits my personality and although I miss oils I can still use all that I learned.


landscape painting


Nature is my inspiration and I love remembering locations and recreating them with a lot of color and emotion.  Two years ago the theme of my shows was memories of Ireland where I lived when I was about 5-6 years old and made trips back with my mother.




I have always loved drawing and for many years did portraits and then discovered Plein Aire painting and was always visiting my sisters’ farm in Illinois and with friends in Wisconsin.  With either paper and watercolor or canvas and oils, whatever was at hand, I would be out of doors trying to document what I saw.


landscape painting with yellow sky


During this time I took a workshop with Rodger Bechtold who had studied with Wolf Kahn and he introduced me to “color equivalents”.  This was life changing because he gave me permission to use any color in my work for grass, sky, and land that helped me to convey my emotions when viewing the scene in front of me and the only rule was that it be a “color equivalent “ meaning the same value.


lavendar sky painting


Now I am also finding that with this unleashed love for color I am painting more abstractions and found that I can show them together under one tent and often hear people say that they thought they would never own an abstract but my works have changed their mind.


"Numbers" abstract painting



  1. lovely work! never heard of color equivalents before…very interesting, it works perfectly for this artist style!!

    • Thank you Kathryn…sorry so long acknowledging your comment but just as the article came out my hard drive took a nose dive!…
      I think this idea made painting for me so much more exciting and continues. keri

  2. Love your use of colour….. grass is green, sky is blue theory should be put in the bin ! Colour equivalents is a obviously a liberating system to work by. Wishing you much success…….

    • Cynthia I lived in Ireland as a child and experienced every shade of green. I hope some day to visit again and paint headlands in color equivalents….

  3. Love your color work, Keri–very inspirational!

    • Thank you Janet..hoping to get outdoors soon…still a bit on the blustery cold side for me and hopefully the wild grasses in shades of beige will come alive on canvas in shades of purple and plum.

  4. your work is right up my street. I too love nature vivid colours and expressing emotions in my personal collection of work. Your paintings make me feel uplifted

    • It makes the painting much more personal and easier to express emotion.. I do get very emotional when I see a beautiful sunset or a lay of the land in motion with the breeze…so much more to do and I love every minute of it when I am painting it is all joy!

  5. sally tibbetts says

    Always beautiful interpretations of nature and/or anything you set your mind to. Love your examples and the snipets of your inspirations. You are an inspiration!

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