Featured Artist Deborah Keogh

Australian artist Deborah Keogh presents her dreamlike portfolio of portraiture and whimsy. Enjoy and find out more about this artist by visiting her website.


Young girl with feathers


Being an artist is all I have ever wanted to do since a small child. After I finished school I went to Art College for four fabulous years. Following this I taught art at high school for a few years which I did not really enjoy. My life path then took me away from art for many years. During this time I still sketched and did the occasional painting.  Not having the opportunity to practice my art regularly was always like a niggling ache, something that I wanted to do but because I felt it was not practical I tried to ignore it.


"Four for a Boy" painting by Australian artist Deborah Keogh


In 2004 I was given the wonderful opportunity to have a twelve months artist residency and since then have not looked back. Looking back I am just amazed that someone had enough faith in me to give me that chance. I now live in Sydney Australia. My studio is based in the south near a National Park; a wonderful source of inspiration.


"Five for Silver" painting by Australianartist Deborah Keogh


I am so grateful to able to practice my art and its something I never take for granted.


Artist at a Gallery

Artist Deborah Keogh


Like most artists I like to experiment with different mediums. My primary practice is painting and drawing. I use oil paints (usual without any medium except for turps), watercolour and inks. The last few years have seen me introduce collage into my work. I like to prepare my own canvases. I also work on paper and really anything else that interests me as a surface.


"One for Sorrow" by artist Deborah Keogh; young girl with magpie


I find inspiration from many sources:  people, dreams, overheard conversations, myths and fables. Through my work I explore concepts that intrigue me or events that I have witnessed.  In recent years I have also done many commissions. I exhibit both in group and solo exhibitions.


Paper Doll Dress


My studio is not large but it is really important to me. It’s a private area away from others where I can experiment and create with no expectations other than my own.


Paper Doll Dress


When I am working I feel a strong connection to my subject matter. It’s as if I can feel what the subjects are thinking and feeling. I become part of their world.


What's Behind My Back? (Paper Dolls) by artist Deborah Keogh


I hope my work speaks to the viewer. It’s a wonderful feeling when someone connects to my work



  1. your work does more than speak to me, deborah! it’s a siren song… such a pleasure, thank you, vicki 🙂

  2. Fabulous feature

  3. Deb, Your work is awe inspiring – you should be famous. I love the detail of your work.

  4. lorraine Farley says

    Love it Deb.
    You are so talented.
    Love Lorraine xxxxxx

  5. Awesome Deb. Followed you for a long time and truly love your work.

  6. your comment is very encouraging so thank you!

  7. Roxy Blaylock says

    I just love the way you never fail to surprise me.
    Oh, how I wish I had more walls to decorate.

  8. Really LOVE this work!! Thank you!

  9. Carol Donnelly says

    Hi Debbie, I have just had a look at your latest works of art and as usual I am truly impressed by the unique art that you continually produce, keep it up. Love you

    • Hi carol thanks so much . Am at a time when encouragement is greatly appreciated ! Hope all your Xmas wishes come true !! Sending love back x

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