Featured Artist Jeff Mueller

“Computer Art Man” Jeff Mueller’s hyper-realistic portfolio draws from everyday life. Enjoy his work, and find out more about him by visiting his website.


digital art underwater scene

“Under Water Adventure”


The current conditions of the art world inspire me. Social media outlets allow artists, promoters, writers, collectors, and admirers to connect on opposite sides of the globe. I reach out to the art community with weekly video blogs, posting on my website and promoting myself through Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.


digital art city scape

“Bright Lights, Big City”


“Bright Lights, Big City” came to fruition as a collaboration between myself and Rod Jones. Jones is a photographer and artist I met and became friends with on Twitter. When Rod suggested the collaboration, I jumped at the chance. He provided a few photos he took in New York with his iphone, plus a few others.


Digital Art marketplace scene by Jeff Mueller

“Fresh Market Decisions”


Having admired other artist’s digital city scapes, and the vibrant colors they could achieve digitally, I was drawn instantly to his New York  City photo. I knew that the digital printing process onto canvas would not yield the intensity of color I envisioned. It was exciting to realize that through my process of painting on the printed canvas I could restore the vibrancy of the digital color pallet. I enjoy working in a 30 X 60 format. The large format mirrors HD television and allows me to paint in detail smaller formats do not allow.


Digital art of a school bank by Jeff Mueller



I also draw inspiration from the human condition. I consider myself a people watcher. Each of the ten Fine Art pieces in “Social Media Multi-Medium Series” captures moments in everyday life. The beauty, of every social interaction depicted, is defined by its subject matter. The composition of these moments, frozen in time, are characterized by their lines of symmetry occurring within the confines of the canvas. Everyday real life moments are so simple and inconsequential in the grand plan, but that one moment frozen in time is so complicated and meaningful all by itself.


Digital art scene of Cape Cod

“Cape Cod Magic”


In contrast to this unique style of realism, “Cape Cod High Sky Series” contrasts manmade structures within the beauty of nature. Like nature, my process has evolved from concentrating on the realism of the subject matter to affect a hyper reality you see in every blade of grass and grain of sand.


Digital Art portrait by Jeff Mueller

“Mysterious Absinthe Drinker”


The “Mysterious Absinthe Drinker” was inspired by the works of Degas, Raffaelli, and Picasso. Picasso has several works featuring a subject enjoying Absinthe. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and equally famous Dutch post-Impressionist Vincent van Gogh, drew inspiration from their love of absinthe.


Digital Art  restaurant scene by Jeff Mueller

“Dinner at a Grille”


As a man who had also developed a taste for the Green Fairy, I felt compelled to add a modern piece to the collection of Absinthe works. The model, fellow vlogger Xavier, has the perfect look of a crazed magician possessed by the fairy herself. Many years of working in commercial art allowed me to put my own personal spin on an age-old tradition.


Digital painting off a marketplace by Jeff Mueller

“A Day at the West Side Market”


My passion to create art and tell the world has no boundaries. My bi-weekly V-log, Passion of the Digital Artist, is accessible to everyone. I will continue to share my excitement, process, and vision for digital fine art. I truly believe that digital and mixed media artwork is a growing movement. It is establishing the modern art period that we are all fortunate to be a part of.



  1. A great feature Jeff! Looks fantastic. Kind regards

  2. The paintings are just amazing Jeff!

  3. Thanks Dean, Doris & everyone else who gave me such Amazing feedback on Twitter and Facebook!

  4. I would also like to thank Carolyn for this awesome opportunity! This means so much to me, it was even better than I had imagined!

  5. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! I’m loving it, Jeff! 🙂

  6. I’ve shared all of this on twitter, LinkedIn, and google+!!!

  7. Jeff,

    I’ve loved your work since I met you on Twitter (@suzeink) and will keep
    on touting your talent and your sparkling personality.



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