Featured Artist Keith Dotson

Keith Dotson makes quiet photographs, inspired by the sublime, silent beauty of the natural world. See more of his work by visiting his website.


Driftwood Beach


As an artist, he’s inspired by simple things… rain, barren tree branches, drifting snow flakes, the sound of breezes in treetops, reflections in a sun-dappled brook, or fog in the early morning.


The Enchanted Forest


Shooting only in black and white, he seeks to infuse his photographs with texture, contrast, atmosphere, mood, and emotion. Although he rarely photographs people, a sense of humanity is never far removed from his landscapes or city scenes.


Leaf with Droplets


Dotson’s artistic influences are wide-ranging, from the great masters of photography to sumi ink paintings from Asia. His primary influence comes from the serene landscapes of the same woodblock artists of Edo Japan who inspired Van Gogh and the other French Impressionists.


The Ice Tester


Dotson’s photographs have been exhibited in Los Angeles, Austin, Minneapolis, Toronto, Madison (WI), and Knoxville (TN). They have also made appearances in several TV shows and commercials, and have been reproduced on calendars, note cards, canvas wraps, and other arts-based retail products.


Tree Fungus


Originally from Texas, Dotson has traveled across the US and to many spots around the globe, from Europe to India, and even above the Arctic Circle in Greenland. He currently resides in the Nashville area, where he enjoys beauty in all four seasons.


Bent Tree of Driftwood Beach


See more of the artist’s work at KeithDotson.com , or chat with him about photography on Facebook. In addition to announcing his own work and career milestones, he also uses this page to promote awareness and appreciation about the history, techniques, and art of photography.



  1. beautiful photographs…his second photograph almost looks like a painting…very cool!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on keith dotson.

  3. Bold and timeless photography, truly inspiring work Keith.

  4. I love the bridge photo!

  5. fascinating. black and white photography has a stronger impact. thank you mr. dotson.


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