Featured Artist Mark Rosenbaum

New Orleans glassblower Mark Rosenbaum of Rosetree Glass presents his stunning portfolio. Enjoy his work and visit his website from more from this artist.


New Orleans Between Sea and Sky


My blown glass art is a dialogue between artist and material. I am influenced by the molten glass and what our interactions will bring.


Second Line Vase


I don’t keep a formal sketchbook as some artists do. Instead, I do my “sketching” and prep work in front of a 2000 degree furnace.


Glassblower Mark Rosenbaum


In my medium, it is much easier for me to have the immediacy of the artwork develop in front of my eyes.


Square Bowl


I enjoy the controlled spontaneity that my media affords me.


Rosetree Glass Studio
My most recent work reflects my environment and surroundings in the cultural-rich environs of New Orleans.


Shoulder Vase


I have included some iconic imagery of Mardi Gras, Second Line Parades, Mardi Gras Indians, and musicians in my pieces.


Wisteria Vases


The relationship between me, my city, and my art, brings me a renewed satisfaction.

You are invited to connect with Mark on the Rosetree Glass Facebook page.



  1. Bravo, Mark!
    Your work is gorgeous, classic, timeless. Exquisite color choices and lines.

    • Thanks Mary! I love the classic shapes of vases from antiquity. The Amber and Black piece with the Second Line musicians is directly influence by Black and Red Figure pottery from ancient Greece. A modern day twist of an ancient style!

  2. Your art is absolutely awesome I shared it on FB and it to a friend in Syria where the war is so rampant to cheerup his day

    Keep up the fab work so we can feast our eyes God bless you


    • Thank you Eileen! I am blessed to be able to create artwork that can evoke an emotion from a viewer. To some, my work is just a pretty vase, but to others, it goes much deeper. I hope that your friend stays safe and has many good days.

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