Featured Artist Wen Redmond

Featured Artist Wen Redmond is “Making the Imagination Real” with her contemporary fiber art. Find out more about this fascinating artist by visiting her website.


"Leaping Point" by artist Wen Redmond

“Leaping Point” by artist Wen Redmond


New England artist Wen Redmond has worked in the fiber field since 1973, when she made her first intuitive pieced Art Quilt. Wen enjoys exploring her medium, expanding its perception, and pushing boundaries to see “what if?”


"Pause" by artist Wen Redmond

“Pause” by artist Wen Redmond


Wen’s FiberWorks include painting, natural printing, silkscreen, mono-printing and mixed media using natural fibers and paper. She has embraced digital technology in her work, and has created several signature Digital Fiber Techniques such as Holographic Images and Textured Photographs; an unusual use of fiber combining painting and digital media.


"Trees Singing" by artist Wen Redmond

“Trees Singing” by artist Wen Redmond


Her new work continues the creative process using the wide variety of tools in Photoshop and other media to manipulate original photographs. She prints these directly onto various inkjet substrates, and specially treated natural fibers.

Merging the actual image by layering and digitally fusing with photographs of her painted cloth creates a unique photographic stitched textural constructions.


"Being" by artist Wen Redmond

“Being” by artist Wen Redmond


Wen’s work and articles have been published, appearance on Quilting Arts TV & Interweave Workshop DVD’s, 500 Art Quilts, 1000 Artisan Textiles, Cloth Paper, Scissors and more.

Her work has been juried in many exhibits including, Quilt National, Art Quilt Elements, Quilts=Art=Quilts, Form not Function, National Fiber Directions, Visions, Niche finalist, 2008, 2010 and 2012, among others.

“I am bound to my art, completely, fully. It exacts beauty in my moments, eyefuls of paint, nature and ways to marry the two in my innovative fiber photographs.”


"Flown" by artist Wen Redmond

“Flown” by artist Wen Redmond



I am a mixed media fiber artist. I am a process person. My process is fed by my love of being outdoors. I’m passionate about coming up with ideas and working out the kinks. This leads to more discoveries, an evolution. I make the art and then the art makes me.


"Sense of Touch" by artist Wen Redmond

“Sense of Touch” by artist Wen Redmond


Part of that process is photography. I can see the most exquisite scenes or combinations of patterns and want to share that beauty. My art represents these moments.


"Out on a Limb" by artist Wen Redmond

“Out on a Limb” by artist Wen Redmond


They are what lie beneath. I bring them back to share, to remind, to remember. These moments become my source, my well. I hope to bring that energy into my art making, to communicate the positive.


"Breaking the Surface" by artist Wen Redmond

“Breaking the Surface” by artist Wen Redmond


Layers peeled back reveal the source, the inspiration, and my mad desire to capture thoughts, dreams and the beauty of nature.

Each work is individual and a communication between my inner imagination and later, the viewer.


"Breaking the Surface" by artist Wen Redmond

“Mind Wanderings” by artist Wen Redmond


Wen Redmond invites you to subscribe to both of her blogs, connect with her on Twitter and YouTube and see her work on Artful Home.  



  1. Es estupendo poder ver el trabajo serio de comunicación de otros colegas, hay mucho de intutivo en su obra pero lo que mas me gusta, es la cordinación entre la pasión y técnica, es verdaderamente formidable, el compas de las texturas y la permanencia de ciertas formas , redondean un texto gráfico que implica al espectador.
    Le felicito
    Maria Gina Valero

  2. Translation of above comment.
    So nice. Thank you!
    It is great to be able to see the serious work of communication from other colleagues, there is a lot of Intute in your work but what I like, is the coordination between passion and technique, it is truly formidable, the compass of the textures and the permanence of certain forms, rounded a graphic text involving the Viewer. I congratulate you Gina Maria Valero

  3. I really enjoyed looking at the paintings, they are beautiful in a way I can’t describe with my not-so-extensive English vocabulary. Especially “Breaking the Surface”, which is a spectacle of shapes and colors.

  4. Thank you!

  5. Love Wen’s work and this is a great artiste statement!

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