Featured Artist Roger Wood

Canadian artist Roger Wood of Klockwerks presents his amazingly creative portfolio filled with Steampunk and fantasy assemblage.


Roger Wood

Artist Roger Wood with one of his large scale clocks.


I am a hopeless romantic with a love of an idealized past – a dreamer, longing for times gone by. I have always been fascinated with machines, gadgets and mechanical devices of the early Industrial Revolution. I am inspired by people like Jules Verne, Heath Robinson, Roland Emmett, and Rube Goldberg.


Clock on Wheels

“Clock on Wheels” Mixed media assemblage by Roger Wood


I don’t really have any formal goals – I just try to do the best I can on a daily basis, and see where my intuition takes me.

Currently. I’m working on a 360º installation for the front window of a gallery.


Jules Verne Type II Clock

“Jules Verne Type II Clock” Mixed media assemblage by Roger Wood


I grew up on the east coast and now live and work in a former flower shop in Hamilton, Ontario. I’m now an assemblage artist, but have been an interior designer and a heavy construction field engineer in previous careers.


Astrological Clock

“Astrological Clock” Mixed media assemblage by Roger Wood


I source the raw materials at flea markets, auctions, thrift stores, junk barns, etc. There are more than a thousand boxes and drawers of catalogued artifacts now.


Astrological Clock

“Clock in Glass Dome” Mixed media assemblage by Roger Wood


I don’t work from sketches very often. I usually start with an image in my head of the general shape and theme, then gather a bunch of parts, spread them around on my bench and start assembling the piece.


The Steampunk Tricycle

“The Steampunk Tricycle” Mixed media assemblage by Roger Wood


I mostly work intuitively while trying each part, discarding those that don’t work and quickly gluing those that do before they can escape. I use both sides of the brain when working – the left for solving construction problems and the right for the creating.



Seeder Clock

“Seeder Clock” Mixed media assemblage by Roger Wood


My approach to design is similar to other sculpture – attention to form, materials, proportion, eye movement, scale, unity and harmony. It’s an additive process, building on a simple framework. The process is self-taught and very low tech, using nothing more than nails, screws and glues and adhesives of various kinds.


Decanter Clock

“The Decanter Clock” Mixed media assemblage by Roger Wood


I prefer to work with things that have the patina of time but sometimes have to speed the process up a bit using chemicals and dyes to age new materials.


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  1. Wonderful!

  2. Outstanding! Good luck!

  3. Karen Loper says

    Your work reminds me of a fellow who’s known as Dr. Evermore. He works on a much larger scale ( the largest fits on 2or 3 semi-trailer beds). It is on display a little north of Sauk City, WI. I don’t know if he has awebsite. He is quite old and failing. I look forward to viewing more of your work.

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