Featured Artist J.M. Martin

Enjoy the fascinating sci-fi worlds of digital illustrator J.M. Martin, and see more of his work by visiting his website.


Orizion Gate

“Orizion Gate” by artist J.M. Martin


I am a 36 year old digital artist with no formal art education. My goal is to go back to school for art and turn my love of art into a job where I can express myself and work with others to produce visual stunning work.



“Buhtan” by artist J.M. Martin


Ever since my first computer, ever since I can remember, I have loved sci-fi and fantasy stories, movies and games. Creating far off people and places that could only come from one’s imagination.



“Skye” by artist J.M. Martin


I love to share my imagination, through a mixture of digital painting, 3D elements and photo manipulation. Digital matte painting is one of my favorite ways of expressing the ideas in my head.



“Apoc” by artist J.M. Martin


I love online games and my works include what I like to call mini-murals or better known as, a forum signature. If you play online games and ever went to a forum for any reason, you may have seen one of these or have one yourself.



“Chiron” by artist J.M. Martin


From games we play, the characters we create, movies, concepts and personal ideas visually expose a little of who we imagine who we might be in another place, time or dimension and allow us to share that with other people we interact with.


3 Kings

“3 Kings” by artist J.M. Martin


Many signatures use elements from games, movies, anime, whatever someone wants to use to represent themselves online. A virtual turntable of images merging creative visions to give you a peak inside someone else’s fantasy world. Romantic. Bromantic for you Conan types.



“Argal” by artist J. M. Martin


I believe signature art is overlooked and I like to show people they (signatures) can have the rich detail of a full painting, it’s much more than just video games and cartoons or just having an online i.d. card, they are small portals to worlds built by you and me.


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  1. Wait… did he say go back to school? to turn this into a job? If he is not making serious bank with this imagination/talent/beautiful brain, then I hope it is marketing classes that he takes. I would be sad to see someone muck up his art. Seriously, go to this guys site.

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for your encouraging comments! 😀

    I should be working doing what I love but I’m a bit lost, just recently beginning to figure out how to make my skills/talent work for me and how I can promote myself. I’ve been doing this way too long not to do something with it.

    I like your Mosaic work Linda, some very nice pieces!

    Thank you Artsy Shark!


  3. J.M. Love your work! I would like to speak over you, that your imagination would be transformed into that which you were created for. You have a destiny that was imprinted into your very fiber, so calling into those deep places and commanding them to awaken you, so you step into your rightful place in the universe. Peace and rest to your soul as your spirit soars to great heights.

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