Featured Artist Bob Coates

Photographer Bob Coates shares his stunning portfolio, and invites you to visit his website to see more of his work.


French Horn with a Twist

“French Horn with a Twist” by artist Bob Coates


After 13 years of sporadically picking a camera up and putting it down, my professional photography career began in the mid-nineties in earnest when I grabbed the camera for real and ‘specialized in not specializing’. Working with many different end uses for images pushed me to develop skills over multiple genres of photography.



“Hummer” by artist Bob Coates


I started working on the style of Fine Art Photography Imagery you see here in 2009. My goal is to create painterly art pieces that are alive and have a life of their own. Images that when viewed, have depth and dimension and reveal new details over time, or in different lighting conditions, or when viewed from different distances.


Frigate Number Two

“Frigate Number Two” by artist Bob Coates


I find inspiration in taking rather ordinary objects and showing them in a new way that makes you pay attention to details you’ve never seen before.


Heron Moon

“Heron Moon” by artist Bob Coates


Through experimentation and play I developed this style I’ve dubbed ‘Photo-Synthesis’. Using multiple images and blending them together the photos are morphed to something more.


Eiffel Tower

“Eiffel Tower” by artist Bob Coates


Many times I’ve been told that many of my Fine Art images have a ‘Zen-Like’ feeling to them.


Golden Sax Mandala

“Golden Sax Mandala” by artist Bob Coates


Ralph Romaguera, President of Professional Photographers of America said, “I enjoy the diversity of Bob’s Work. It’s always good when a photographer can show a variety of skills across many genres of photographic art. My favorite among Bob’s images entered in the Arizona Professional Photographers Association photographic competition was the Purple Iris because of the strong feelings the image evokes.”


Purple Iris

“Purple Iris” by artist Bob Coates


“Bob’s work shows amazing artistry that is built on a platform of excellence,” said Tim Walden, Chairman of the Board of Professional Photographers of America, “This causes his work to have immediate impact, which will also stand the test of time.”



“Saxes” by artist Bob Coates


I am continuing to explore new subject matter and expand techniques I have developed further and look forward to creating images with ever more meaning.



“Swan” by artist Bob Coates


I am available for commissions. We can talk about the subject, color palette, mood, size and print medium. Most images are available on your choice of canvas, photographic paper, fine art paper, metal, acrylic and bamboo paper depending upon the work and your display area. I am based in Sedona, Arizona and have begun to travel extensively to gather raw images with varied subject matter for my work.


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  1. Russ Beach says

    Coates I swear you must be smoking something really hi-grade. Wish you would reconsider and let me have a puff………..

    No kidding I have never seen anything that comes close to what you are doing. Beautiful, you are doing things that the rest of us only dream of doing.

    CONGRATS to you my dear friend,

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