Featured Artist Pascal Chuma

Kenyan artist Pascal Chuma shares his amazing portfolio, and speaks about the important work he is doing with young people. Find out more by visiting his website.


Rain Maker's Dream

“Rain Maker’s Dream” 114 cm X 102 cm, Acrylic on Canvas


Pascal Chuma was born in Kenya -Kisii. His passion for art started when he was five years old, which eventually led him study at the Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts. He paints in a wide diversity of styles: Cubism, Expressionism, Realism and Mixed Media and his “Chumaism Style.”


Daughters of Eve

“Daughters Of Eve” 121 cm X 90 cm, Acrylic on Canvas


His master paintings speak of the environment he lives in, his dreams, nature, environmental conservation and female forms. He has exhibited in the National Museum of Kenya, The Village Market, Braeburn School and the International School of Kenya.


Family Lawyer

“Family Lawyer” 168 cm X 122 cm, Acrylic on canvas


Pascal is the founder and teacher at Bobea Art Centre Kenya, which he founded to nurture young artists and empower them to earn an income through their creativity, and express themselves.


Candlelit Dinner

“Candlelit Dinner” 122 cm x 72.5 cm, Acrylic on Canvas


The target has been children from 6 years to 12 and the youth from 13 to 25 years of age. Many young people have used their creativity to earn a little cash from making and selling their artworks.


Communication Transition

“Communication Transition” 150 cm X 111 cm, Acrylic on Canvas


As a talented artist who took up an art career to polish up his skills and for exposure, Pascal Chuma is filled with compassion and a desire to impart art skills to children and the youth in the area, enabling most to enroll in art and express themselves since the government scraped Art from the school syllabus.


Bobea Art Centre

Pascal Chuma and students at Bobea Art Centre


Bobea Art Centre Kenya was established in 2010 to provide an environment for local youth and children conducive to exploring and developing their artistic talents. The Centre aims to become a “Centre of Excellence in Nurturing Young Art and Empowering Talented Citizen.” The word Bobea means “to excel.”


Save the Planet

“Save the Planet” 196 cm X 193 cm, Acrylic on Canvas


Teaching from his residence, he is challenged by inadequate space to accommodate the swelling number of young artists, and the lack of galleries to market them appropriately.


Oiling the Moon

“Oiling the Moon” 140 cm X 165 cm, Acrylic on Canvas


A key message of his work with Bobea is “You are not your circumstances, you are your destiny. Art is a basic need and it’s a real job.”




  1. Amazing works!

  2. omari brian says

    Very nice …….I think am talented tooo only that
    i dont have opportunity to expand my ability…… to do it better

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