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Driftwood Sunset

“Driftwood Sunset” by photographer Katherine Gendreau


For me, the camera is just one tool that I use in approaching landscape photography.  I enjoy taking images that go beyond what can be seen with the naked eye, so I use different techniques or tools to create photos that reveal the “unseen” around us. Many of my images are long exposures, ranging from 1 second to 8 minutes or even longer; these photos record the accumulation of time in a single image.


The Finale

“The Finale” by photographer Katherine Gendreau


I also enjoy creating abstract images with intentional camera movement, using a longer shutter speed and physically moving the camera during the exposure. Finally, I have recently begun to experiment with infrared photography, which records the infrared light spectrum as opposed to visible light. The resulting images are dreamy and otherworldly, unveiling a secret world that is always there but the eye cannot see.


Snow Birches

“Snow Birches” by photographer Katherine Gendreau


Although I am from Bristol, Rhode Island, for the past year I have lived in Ogunquit, Maine, as well as the Caribbean island of Nevis. I love the challenge of traveling and discovering new places to shoot. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing a beautiful place for the first time, and I find I create my best work when I am exploring a place that is new to me.


Study in Blue

“Study in Blue” by photographer Katherine Gendreau


Other than travel, I am inspired first and foremost by the ocean, and secondly by the weather. I am obsessed with storms and clouds and will drop everything to go out and shoot if I see some interesting clouds outside.  To me, there is nothing more boring than a perfectly sunny day!


Wonderland Garden

“Wonderland Garden” by photographer Katherine Gendreau


My work has been featured in a number of juried exhibitions at galleries in Maine and Rhode Island. Recently I was accepted to exhibit my work on UGallery.com, a juried online gallery of fine artists from around the country, and I also just had one of my images published as the cover photo of the 2013 Rhode Island State Travel Guide.


Evening Rush

“Evening Rush” by photographer Katherine Gendreau


In the past I have had work published in Rhode Island Monthly Magazine, Photography Week Magazine, and Landscape Photography Magazine. I have had images reproduced in calendars and on postcards, and Getty Images and Crestock carry a selection of my photos for commercial licensing. Additionally, the Nubble Lighthouse gift store in Cape Neddick, Maine currently sells a selection of my matted prints.


Gold in the Hills

“Gold in the Hills” by photographer Katherine Gendreau


My focus for this year has been to participate in more juried exhibitions and find permanent gallery representation.  I am also open to commission and assignment work.


Cosmic Dock

“Cosmic Dock” by photographer Katherine Gendreau


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  1. Thank you for sharing Katherine’s photography with us. Beautiful and inspiring.
    I look forward to each post, as it sets my creative mood for the day.


  2. Fabulous work, well-seen and flawlessly executed!

  3. Very beautiful and inspiring work!

  4. Cliff Gendreau says


    Good Stuff!

    Not just saying that because I am a north American 17th generation Gendreau. You do nice work.



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