Featured Artist Les Powers

Artist Les Powers shares his dynamic portfolio of mixed media sculpture. Find out more about his work by visiting his website.


Spiritual Placement

“Spiritual Placement” by artist Les Powers


Les Powers received his formal education at the University of Colorado. After that much of his spare time was spent designing and building furniture till he decided it was time to breakout. Sculpture allowed more freedom to push the limits both within himself and the materials used. To put into a three dimensional form something that cannot be put into words. A sculpture first felt through the senses and then absorbed into the heart, soul and spirit.


Earth and Sky

“Earth and Sky” by artist Les Powers


Les believes in combining materials in harmony to form a unity just as we would experience in nature. He usually works with woods, natural stone, resins and semi-precious gems.  Each complimenting the other to form a whole that now has an intrinsic meaning to the viewer.


Restful Pose

“Restful Pose” by artist Les Powers


Recently Les has brought Honey Calcite into his work that is only found in Utah where he lives. It is transparent and offers a great contrast and blend with wood.  Also wood burls of any kind have excited him because of their personality in grain and texture.


Fire Within

“Fire Within” by artist Les Powers


Within some of these wonderful woods of the world  Les will also add resins into the sculpture, either to bring the human element to a natural material or a  change of material to compliment man and nature.



“Life” by artist Les Powers


Les also works with alabaster because it is fairly easy to work with and comes is so many different colors to choose from to go with the other elements in a sculpture.


Road Home

“Road Home” by artist Les Powers, 94″ high


With all these materials thrown into the mix Les believes he is a vessel for his spirit.  He is driven to complete that which comes to him through his spirit into his hands to form the pieces you see before you. He invites you to come along for the ride and experience through the senses his art.



  1. beautiful art and soul, Les. Thank you for sharing!

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