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Enjoy the surprising and beautiful art of AlyZen Moonshadow, and find out more about this talented artist by visiting her website.


Turquoise and Black

“Turquoise and Black”


I work under the name AlyZen Moonshadow in the emerging field of mobile photography art. I started out in iPhoneography in December 2010.


Oh Deer

“Oh Deer”


I instigated and helped organise Western Australia’s first ever iPhoneography exhibition at the Apple Store in Perth in July 2011. I was a moderator on MobiTog, the world’s first iPhoneography Community and Forum, and it was I who brought MobiTog and FX Photo Studio together for the world’s largest iPhoneography exhibition in New York in December 2011.


Octopus Dreams

“Octopus Dreams”


In December 2012 I bought my Samsung Galaxy S3, and now I am a firm advocate of Androidography as well. I consider myself a “mobile photography artist”, to distinguish it from fine art photography, as I only use mobile devices for processing my images.


Dalienutopia - Bows

“Dalienutopia – Bows”


My work is eclectic and I believe in total immersion in my subject matter. In April 2011 I completed my first iPhone Art project, “Dalienutopia”, a celebration of Australia’s wild and weird wetlands. This became my first Blurb book with the same title.


A Fine Mess

“A Fine Mess”


I then started photographing flowers, and published my Lulu book ‘The iFlower Series” in July 2012. Most recently I compiled a Mixbook photo book “Surreal” on New Year’s Day 2013.  My style can be described as abstract, surreal, fantasy, sci-fi, dreamy.


Red Teacup with White Roses

“Red Teacup with White Roses”


My images have been featured in a US Transport magazine “Metro”, used as advertising for a Theatre Company in Canada, and been featured in exhibitions in the USA and New Zealand.


Starry Starry Night

“Starry Starry Night”


I also produce images to go with an ongoing music collaboration between my husband Geoff aka the electronic musician “ElectroCelt”, and our friend Lia Shapiro “Alien Tribe”, who together are “AlienCelt”. For their collaborations I have produced via Print-on-Demand an AlienCelt dress, throw pillow, laptop/iPhone/iPod skins, framed artist prints, canvas prints and t-shirts. Products featuring my images can be purchased from various online sites as listed on my website.


Fresh and Green

“Fresh and Green”


At present I am working on a project “The Madhatter’s Teaparty Series”, which feature stacked teacups in vibrant, abstract surroundings, a nod towards my favourite childhood story, Alice in Wonderland. This project is unique in that I am also concurrently engaged in producing 100 physical images from this series for a planned exhibition in the near future.


Red Parrot Tulip with Bokeh

“Red Parrot Tulip with Bokeh”


I print onto archival quality tissue paper, which I then Mod Podge onto A3 canvas. Then the artwork is sealed with many layers of sealers and varnishes to protect it and ensure archival properties. These images will be made available for purchase once the Project is completed.



  1. Nice work, AlyZen! Beyond your excellent imagery, great job of organizing, distributing, and advocating the very democratic art form of mobile imaging too. It’s literally revolutionary, echoing the theories of the Russian revolution: an art that doesn’t require the upscale, exclusive education and technical expertise (or support) of the academic arts.

    An art form of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth.

    And being digital it has that flexibility you describe. It can be books, cards, billboards or vinyl wraps for your garage door. Good work!

  2. I saw your art on Artsy Shark and I am totally impressed with your vivid colors and imagination.
    The Tea Cup Series is truly captivating. Wishing you much success!
    “Grate Wishes!” from the manhole artist,
    Bobbi Mastrangelo

    • Hi Bobbi, thank you! I must check out what your Manhole art is about. Love the pun! I’m still working on the Madhatter’s Teaparty Series, I have 3 images licensed by Art Hog (agent) for a company’s Fall/Winter catalogue, so we’ll see how that goes.

  3. Thank you for the kind and inspiring words, James Thatcher. I just feel that the information is out there for anyone and everyone already, albeit scattered all over the place, so why not act as a conduit and bring it to my social circles so everyone who’s interested can know it for themselves and disseminate it to their own circles. And so on and so forth, like ripples in a pond.

    We may not live in the same country or even the same continent, but with the Internet and technology today, virtually anything is possible at the press of a button. It’s a truly wonderful, miraculous world we live in.

  4. You inspire me! Your pieces are colorful, vibrant and full of energy. Thank you for sharing! Now, I am heading over to your website. Happy painting!

  5. The Tea Cup series is exceptionally beautiful!

  6. Your painting are beautiful Do you sell them and what is the price. I love them.

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