Featured Artist Abigail Winston

Artist Abigail Winston paints the sky from her New Mexico home, capturing fascinating cloud formations and glorious sunsets. Enjoy the portfolio of this talented artist, and please visit her website.


Evening Winds

“Evening Winds” 20″ x 30″ Oil on Canvas


I was born in Chicago, but grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts. All my life I have felt a visceral connection with the natural world. As a child, I spent a lot of time exploring the woods nearby. (It was safe, then.) My father was a doctor and my mother was an artist.


Sunset Red on Veils of Rain

“Sunset Red on Veils of Rain” 20″ x 30″ Oil on Canvas


Mom read art history books to me, and took me to the museums in Boston quite frequently. She also gave me art materials, especially after I drew my first recognizable image, Mickey Mouse, at age two. She set up a studio for me in our large garage, with an easel and oil paints. I have painted on and off since then, with a long break when I became a modern dancer and taught dance at schools and universities.


Sunset over the Sangre de Cristos

“Sunset Over the Sangre de Cristos” 18″ x 18″ Oil on Canvas


Our family vacationed in northern New Mexico in August, with distant relatives, and I fell in love with the place. When I married, I learned my husband had a brother in Taos County. The first time I drove here with him and we came over the hill above the Taos Valley, my first thought was, “Oh my God! I’m home.” When we separated and arthritis hit my body I moved here.


Here There by Dragons

“Here There be Dragons” 20″ x 30″ Oil on Linen


Now I live on a mesa in Arroyo Hondo, a tiny village north of the town of Taos, with a 360o view. The sky dominates everything.


Moon Glow

“Moon Glow” 20″ x 20″ Oil on Canvas


Why do I call my paintings “Portraits of the Sky?” A portrait is a painting of a specific person at a specific moment. My paintings portray specific clouds, cloud formations, details, colors, and moods of the sky in a unique moment. I have also studied clouds in books.


Mare's Tails

“Mare’s Tails” 16″ x 20″ Oil on Canvas


Because this is mountain country, we get some clouds that aren’t found in other areas. Particularly, we get lenticular clouds that look like flying saucers and cap clouds that sit on the peaks. My studio (the living room) looks out directly to the mountains, eight miles away.


Sunset Sonata

“Sunset Sonata” 20″ x 30″ Oil on Linen


Of course, I paint sunsets as well as storms and fair-weather clouds. Taos is famous for its sunsets; how could I not paint them? The mountains are named the Sangre de Cristos, or “Blood of Christ Mountains” because of the colors of the sunsets.



“Melange” 20″ x 22″ Oil on Canvas


How do I paint such accurate portraits of clouds with such detail and complexity? I use photography, of course. This enables me to capture an exact moment and also to enhance the color, light and shadow, and to play with the composition if I feel it necessary. I have a large library of photos that I go back to regularly to get new ideas or to see an image in a different way.



“Vision” 40″ x 34″ Oil on Canvas


Sometimes I travel with a camera in the car and pull over to get a picture. And for those plein air purists who frown on painting from photography: clouds move and the light changes constantly. The skies are always new and always an inspiration.



  1. i am a ginormous lover of skies…your paintings are absolutely gorgeous!!

    • Abigail Winston says

      Thank you, Kathryn. I’m really pleased that you like my work.
      Where do you live? I know you would love Taos and the rest of New Mexico. The skies here are amazing, especially in the mountain areas. If you would like to get in touch, the number on this page is for my cell phone, which I don’t usually turn on. You can reach me during the day at 575-776-8662.

  2. These are amazing. I love them!

  3. Angela Sams says

    Absolutely outstanding, gave me an escape from our current UK weather, do you do postcards of your paintings and do you still make the Taos Mountain Mouse with Catnip?

  4. Anne Kilmartin says

    I have in my possession a pair of Spirit Boots #445 titled “Two Birds” (1992) which bear your name! I am unsure if these are your creations or simply created by another Abagail Winston.
    At any rate, the still have attached the original blue tag along with the care card.
    While I tried them on, I have never worn them as I prefer to enjoy the wonderful artwork and colors!
    I live in Butler Wisconsin, so they made quite a journey!

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