Featured Artist Nata Ibragimov

New York artist Nata Ibragimov presents her charming portfolio. See more of her artwork by visiting her website.


"Caprice"  India ink and Acrylic on Board

“Caprice” India ink and Acrylic on Board


I’m a visual artist/illustrator currently based in  Brooklyn NY. My paintings are slightly surreal and dreamlike. I like to convey the mood and emotion with them more than the actual subject matter. I mostly paint elegant female forms that seem to be from a world beyond our own.
She Drew

“She Drew” India Ink and Acrylic on Board

I’m constantly working on improving my skills as an artist and I never stop experimenting with new techniques.  I create both digital and traditional paintings. For my traditional paintings I use mixed medium that ranges from India inks to acrylic and oil paints. I choose which medium to use depending on my mood and the mood of the painting.
Through the Cracks

“Through the Cracks” Ink and Oil Paint on Canvas

Most of my art is a visual subconscious expression of my life.  The talented people in my life are who inspires most of my paintings. I never paint anyone specific, but I do know who each painting pertains to.
Broken Dolls

“Broken Dolls” India ink and Acrylic on Board

Usually I keep that part a secret. It is interesting to see how accurately the viewers can pinpoint the emotions that I conveyed in the paintings.

“Droste” India ink and Acrylic on Board

Right now I’m working on a new collection of mixed medium paintings that I’m hoping to debut at my next exhibition. I’m hoping to have them ready by the end of summer and have a few locations to exhibit them.
Work in Progress

The artist, with a work in progress

My main goal is to grow as an artist and I hope to have more recognition for my art. There are endless possibilities for creativity and I still have a long way to go with that.

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