Featured Artist Georgia Mansur

Artist Georgia Mansur’s landscapes are irresistible and compelling. See more of her work by visiting her website.


Across the Valley

“Across the Valley” Acrylic on Cradled Birch Panel, 25″ x 27″


I am a professional fine artist and a trained and certified Golden Artist Educator, exhibiting and teaching painting workshops around the world, including Australia, France, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, USA and the UK. I am an official Ambassador for Daniel Smith Watercolours and creator of the Georgia Mansur Palette by Daniel Smith Paints.


Back Road Plein Air

“Back Road Plein Air” Acrylic on Linen, 11″ x 14″


I grew up in California but I have been living in Australia for the past 30 years where I enjoy our farming lifestyle and am inspired by the beautiful countryside Australia provides.


Old Vines

“The Glow”Watercolour using The Georgia Mansur Palette by Daniel Smith Paints, 9″ x 24”


I love what light on form does to texture, colour and tonal values. Every day I try to look for something different I have not truly seen Painting helps me enjoy, appreciate and be grateful for my place on this amazing planet.


Golden Trees

“Golden Trees” by Georgia Mansur, Acrylic on Paper, Collection Heidi Hansen, Carmichael, CA


My art helps me to communicate with people that collect my art as well as others I may never meet. It connects us on a level that goes beyond words in a way that is natural part of being human, sharing beauty and recognising how the ordinary can be extraordinary if we stop to consider the miracle that it actually is. Simple but true.


Moon Dance

‘Moon Dance’ by Georgia Mansur, Watercolour using The Georgia Mansur Palette by Daniel Smith Paints, 20″ x 14″


My painting explorations and teaching take me to many exciting places on Earth.  I love meeting the interesting and gorgeous people I have encountered along the way. My students have affectionately named me ‘The Art Whisperer’, which is kind of funny but also kind of cool as it describes the passion I have for sharing what I can with others as well as the huge buzz I get when I see my students really tap into this universal creative flow. Helping them gain access to this source deep within and creating beautiful, moving and expressive art is what it is all about.


Hawkesbury Reflections

“Hawkesbury Reflections” Acrylic on Paper, 24″ x 18″


The creative journey is a rich, satisfying and genuine expression of who we are and what we can contribute to the world~ AND we have a lot of fun along the way~ come join me!!!


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