Featured Artist Susanne Leasure

Artist Susanne Leasure feels passionately about the art she creates, and shares her portfolio. See more from this talented painter by visiting her website.


Filtered Light on Montana de Oro Road

“Filtered Light on Montana de Oro Road” Oil on birch board 24″ x 48″


Art has always been a huge part of my life. Drawings I made for my dying grandfather when I was three years old are still embedded in my memories. Art was the way I expressed feelings too deep for words, emotions beyond even my own comprehension. Becoming an artist is not possible. It is something you intrinsically are, and the choice is simply whether or not you commercially sell your creations.


Amber Waves

“Amber Waves” Oil on canvas 18″ x 24″


I have been a professional artist for 19 years, creating murals and paintings for businesses and homes from California to Costa Rica and many places in between. There is great joy in the entire process, from conception to the finished painting.


Autumn Reflections

“Autumn Reflections” Oil on canvas 30″ x 40″


The thrill of the hunt for a great scene is exciting. Travel fuels my creative passion, as I explore this amazing and diverse world. Fortunately, there is never a shortage of beauty and inspiration to be discovered just around the next bend in the road.



“Wildfire” Acrylic on canvas 18″ x 24″


Mainly, I paint with oils on canvas using a rich, vibrant color palette in a realistic style. Recently, I was able to spend almost six months in gorgeous Belize. The fascinating scenery has become the expressions of my latest body of work.


White Heron in Belize

“White Heron in Belize” Oil on canvas 20″ x 20″


The dynamic coast of California, where I live now near Laguna Beach, has also been a favorite subject matter for paintings. Water in all its forms, from the calm aqua Caribbean, the crashing cobalt blue Pacific, to tumbling rivers of every size, there is a mesmerizing quality it holds that I never tire of painting.


Keyhole Arch

“Keyhole Arch” Oil on canvas 20″ x 40″


Beyond the self-expression of creating, I derive great joy in sharing a moment in time with others. It is very satisfying to connect with someone who relates to the feeling I tried to portray in my painting. Each work is a visual diary of my life, like little shell treasures picked up on a favorite beach to remember a moment of joy.


Late Day on Mission Canyon

“Late Day on Mission Canyon” Oil on canvas 18″ x 24″


Currently, there is a trend of choosing a painting simply to match the furniture. Decorator Art is cranked out and shipped to every chain store. It feels like many have lost sight of the amazing feeling of selecting a painting that speaks to their heart. Making a statement about who you are, what your secret person of the heart has to say, can have an impact.


San Simeon Sunset

“San Simeon Sunset” Oil on canvas 18″ x 24″


Art can lift the mood and create calm. There is so much ugliness in the media, angry songs full of despair and hate, news of death and sorrow. I desire to counteract that with focusing on the beauty of life. We all have a choice of what to fill our minds and heart with. If we aspire to live in awe and wonder, happiness will follow. It is my deepest wish that my paintings could help others have a positive outlook as I do.



  1. art definitely has the ability to connect us to a deeper part of our being and enrich our lives! i absolutely see your beautiful paintings doing just that!!

    • Thanks for the positive feedback, Kathryn. The moments of solitude when I stumble upon a scene so breathtaking that I just have to paint it…those are precious times of introspection and meditation. When they translate onto canvas, they become a gift to those who share that moment with me. There is more happiness in giving, so it brings me joy when others feel connected to my work!

  2. What beautiful tranquil natural images. They make me feel like I need to get off the computer and get out there more …and take time to smell the roses!

  3. Marie Housman says

    Susanne is my friend. She is as beautiful as her art and I feel she has been created to beautify a world which has lost its luster. “Wildfire” is a break from her normal work but that painting speaks to me. I can hear him neighing as his hooves pound the beach, his mane blowing in the ocean breeze. It is one of the most realistic horse depictions I have ever seen. I have been gifted some of her prints and they are some of my greatest treasures. Should you allow her work to touch your heart you will be forever changed!

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