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Love This City

“Love this City 3” Acrylic on Canvas 1m x 1m


Creating images that inspire others and sharing my love for art and creating is what makes me smile. My early years evoke many memories of colouring, entering art competitions and making everything I did an artwork…even if it was an English essay.


Riparian Rhapsody

“Riparian Rhapsody” Acrylic in Canvas 120 cm x 100 cm


I trained as a high school art teacher and taught for 8 years, but found my true passion after having my children and then having the time to follow my dream and create full time. I have been painting professionally now for 10 years and exhibiting regularly in that time. My style has definitely grown, along with my confidence through  exposure to other contemporary artists works, new  mediums and life experiences.


Two Story's

“Two Story’s” Acrylic on Canvas 80 cm x 90 cm


I continue to teach art to all ages from 5 to 85 and am always inspired by what my students create and the energy and enthusiasm they have to learn and find their own artistic path.


Brisbane Wheel

“Brisbane Wheel” Acrylic & Pastel on Canvas 90 cm x 80 cm


I paint cityscapes primarily because I just LOVE the contrast of steel, glass and nature. I live in a gorgeous city and love to portray what the city means to me but also paint anything that a client may dream up! I am really intrigued by aerial perspective and use it quite often in my works.


Above Brisbane

“Above Brisbane” Acrylic on Canvas 120 cm x 100 cm


I have also completed many pet portraits, mainly dogs and am about to illustrate a series of children’s books which my daughter and I are co-writing together. I am really excited about this new project and will have an exhibition early 2014 with the illustrations from some of these books as the focus.


Hamilton View

“Hamilton View” Acrylic on Canvas 120 cm x 60 cm


C Gallery in Brisbane represents my art and I am proud to be a part of this great space and team. I have my own Art studio gallery in Newstead, located in an old Woolstore. It’s a funky place to visit, a great place to work and to meet people while I paint live most days.



Kylie Farrelly’s Studio in Newstead


Last year I was filmed for a brilliant Television show called Colour in Your life, aired around the globe and was also a featured artist in Artist Palette Magazine this year. It’s so humbling to hear that my art belongs in collections all around the world and to know that people love it and enjoy it as much as I did creating it.


A Pilot's View

“A Pilot’s View” Acrylic on Canvas 1 m x 1 m


Painting keeps me busy, creating commissions for clients all over the world, murals for schools and local businesses and also trying to create works because I found an image or place that needs to be painted.


City Shades

“City Shades” Acrylic on Canvas 1 m x 1 m


I have 4 commissions in my studio at the moment and will commence a large 18m mural next month. All this and running a small business, spending quality time with our family , playing taxi to my children around and teaching art classes 4 days a week.


Pacific Motorway

“Pacific Motorway” Acrylic on Canvas 120 cm x 60 cm


I do have a great life, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to do what makes me smile. It is hard work behind the scenes and will continue to be as I strive to create and find my place in the world.


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