Featured Artist Robyn Ryan

Enjoy the lovely mixed media portfolio of Robyn Ryan, and see more from this talented artist by visiting her website.


Redwinged Blackbird I

“Redwinged Blackbird I”, Acrylic Layers, 16” x 20”


Virginia artist Robyn Ryan celebrates life through art; the making of it, the appreciation of it, and the sharing of it. She feels expressing through art one’s perception of and reaction to the world we live in and the creatures we share it with a worthwhile pursuit.



“Nuthatch I”, Acrylic Layers, 16” x 16”


Robyn is inspired by living things; their mystery, complexity, shapes, movement, energy, personality, environment, and relationships with each other.


Lady Slipper

“Lady Slipper”, Acrylic Layers, 16” x 12”


She often captures her subjects in “candid” moments and “glimpses” frozen in time for the viewer to ponder.  Even when working with representational subjects Robyn enjoys conveying the idea, impression, or “essence” the subject represents to her vs. solely representing the subject.


Passing Through

“Passing Through”, Acrylic Layers, 12” x 16”


Known for her animal and nature related subject matter, particularly horses, Robyn’s work has evolved from realistic water media (watercolor and acrylic) paintings and drawings to more adventurous exploration of techniques and methods to convey her intentions including mixed media and sculpture.


Dove Trio

“Dove Trio”, Acrylic Layers, 16” x 20”


Robyn’s artwork is characterized by her use of color, texture, and most recently by physical dimensionality.  Robyn creates her art in a variety of water and mixed media as well as sculpture.


Rocky Stream

“Rocky Stream”, Acrylic Layers, 12” x 12”


Exploration and incorporation of new techniques and materials continue to enlarge her artistic vocabulary.  She is drawn to the tactile aspects of her media; the flow of the pigment and water, the building of physical textures, and creating three dimensional pieces.

Robyn Ryan in the Studio

Robyn Ryan in the Studio


Robyn typically works on multiple pieces at one time, often due to the drying time required prior to subsequent steps in her water media works.  This practice also helps her prevent boredom, offers a path around occasional “sticking points”, ensures a “fresh” eye when returning to each piece, and allows the different works and series to inform and influence one another.


Redwinged Blackbird

“Redwinged Blackbird II”, Acrylic Layers, 16” x 12”


Her current work explores different ways of manipulating physical layers through juxtaposition of subjects, embedded collage, acrylic gels, and Plexiglas.

Robyn’s Acrylic Layer pieces shown here consist of multiple layers of acrylic gel with paint, collage, and mixed media embedded between the layers, with selected areas exposing the layers beneath.  In addition to the visual and color depth achieved, the varied texture is very organic and lends itself to her current series titled “fleeting glimpses”, focused on those “chance sightings of wildlife and nature.


Watch Your Back

“Watch Your Back” Acrylic Layers, 16” x 20”


She considers it a privilege to have the ability, inclination, and opportunity to create beautiful and engaging artwork, to explore the expression of her ideas related to those things which inspire her, and to share them with others.

Robyn Ryan invites you to connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.



  1. Gorgeous work Robyn! I LOVE the texture!!!

  2. lovely work…just love those textures, it really adds so much to your work!!

    • Thank you for your kind words Kathryn! This process is allowing me to merge my love for the sculpting with the painting. These pieces are really fun in person where you can actually see the depth between/through the layers.


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