Featured Artist Susan Wechsler

Susan Wechsler presents her portfolio of amazing mosaics. Enjoy, and see more of her work by visiting her website.


My Three Angels

“My Three Angels” Memory Dress, mixed media, 23″ x 17″ x 5″


My studio is a magical place where my true creative desire is to inspire while being inspired by my students. I teach my unique mosaic style in workshops all over the world as well as in my studio.


Bexley Workshop

Susan Wechsler teaching at the Boulder workshop


As an artist and a passionate collector, my palette begins with discarded treasures: antique china, jewelry, beads, figurines, gemstones just to name a few.


Buddha Shrine

“Buddha Shrine” mixed media, 28″ x 20″ x 8″


I work with images, metaphors, and other forms of symbolic language from diverse world cultures to create my sacred shrines.


Gilded Lady

“Gilded Lady”, mixed media, 19″ x 33″ x 4″


My years as a New York City costume designer and designer at Esprit in San Francisco has taught me how to use colors, patterns and textures to tell compelling stories in the form of a dress.



“Willow” mixed media, 48″ x 30″ x 4″


I am often asked how did I get started in mosaics, while going through my beloved grandmother’s family china, I discovered some broken pieces that I could not bear to throw away. So I made my first mosaic from my own personal history.


Lyons Elementary School Mural by artist Susan Wechsler

Lyons Elementary School Mural by artist Susan Wechsler


Sharing my artistic voice with children is one of my goals. By creating permanent mosaic murals with a community, I am able to inspire the future generation of creative minds.


Happiness for Mary

“Happiness for Mary” mixed media by artist Susan Wechsler


When creating the commission “Happiness for Mary” the client asked me to tell her personal family story in a mosaic dress. I received a box full of broken memories: cracked family china, broken jewelry, scrabble letters. With these treasures, I created this memory dress for Mary. Send me your FAMILY TREASURES, & I can make one for you too!



  1. Simply stated…AMAZING WORK!


  2. Valma Shanks says

    Hi I was just having a curious peek at your website and came across your mosaic dresses wow, have I fallen for them, could you please tell me what elements you start with I wonder if it is a wooden cut out as a base I am in new zealand but would love to join one of the classes one day. Regards Valma Shanks.

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