Featured Artist Russell Brown

Photographer Russell Brown presents his compelling portfolio of works, and invites you to find out more about his art by visiting his website.



“Rose” by photographer Russell Brown


I am an Australian professional photographer and digital artist, based in Brisbane, Queensland.


Wake in Fright

“Wake in Fright” by photographer Russell Brown


As far as a day job goes, I have worked as a press photographer all my working life (30 years) but I have always been passionate about photography. In addition to my work, I have enjoyed making more creative, artistic photographs outside of my work, whenever I have the opportunity.


Watcher of the Skies

“Watcher of the Skies” by photographer Russell Brown


When I was a youngster, I began taking pictures from the age of around nine and processed and printed my own film from age eleven, later including both black and white and colour infrared film.


Aspect 5

“Aspect 5” by photographer Russell Brown


Over the past ten years, I have energetically embraced digital photography, because of the enormous possibilities that I could see were available.


Fire in the Sky

“Fire in the Sky” by photographer Russell Brown


I have studied many methods of both capture and processing and have become thoroughly proficient with Adobe Photoshop.


No More Kodak Supplies

“No More Kodak Supplies” by photographer Russell Brown


I display my work in local galleries and last year, had two pieces selected for display at the Salon de la Photo in Paris, France.



“Contemplation” by photographer Russell Brown


I am now trying to extend the audience for my work and currently have it displayed on my own site and other sites, like here at Artsy Shark and others such as Fine Art America, 500px and on Google Plus and Facebook.


Passing Time

“Passing Time” by photographer Russell Brown


I currently shoot with a Nikon D700, an infrared converted Nikon D600 and a medium format Pentax 645D.



“Low” by photographer Russell Brown


In late 2012, I was asked to join the Beta-reader team for US author Dan Margulis’ new book,Modern Photoshop Color Workflow The Quartertone Quandary, the PPW, and Other Ideas for Speedy Image Enhancement. It was during this time that the thought of writing my own book on the subject began to develop.


Secret Garden

“Secret Garden” by photographer Russell Brown


I could see that there were very many books on Photoshop for beginners but very little for more advanced users to increase their knowledge. At the start of 2013 I began work on my book, which has just been released, called Paths to Artistic Imaging in Photoshop. How to Create Stunning Photographic Art From Capture to Processing. It has so far been well received and was generously endorsed by my namesake, Russell Brown, Principal Creative Director at Adobe Systems.


Taking Flight

“Taking Flight” by photographer Russell Brown


I have begun doing tutorial lectures in support of the book and hope to increase its visibility over the coming months. A shipment will shortly arrive at Amazon in the US, for sale and distribution outside of Australia.


Perfect Imperfection

“Perfect Imperfection” by photographer Russell Brown


My experience over the past forty years, including photography and processing with both film and digital have given me a wealth of knowledge to draw on when creating new work. I am constantly trying to improve and try new methods and hope that the variety in my work will appeal to many varied tastes.



  1. Such a great Photography. Every picture shows great artwork done by the photographer.Love to see more pictures like this.

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