Featured Artist Jerry Winick

Jerry Winick’s amazing portfolio takes pencil drawing to a new level. Please visit his website to see more of his work.


Silver Teapot

“Silver Teapot” pencil, 17″ x 23″


I have been drawing with graphite pencil since the age of 5 and have always liked representational art that depicts how I see the world.


Firemen's Coats

“Firemen’s Coats” pencil, 14″ x 22″


In each of my drawings, I always use the full range of tones from extreme black to extreme white.  I believe this gives my drawings the vibrancy that is pleasing to the eye.



“Brooklyn” pencil, 15″ x 19″


I spend many hours at the drawing board creating each of my pieces. It is not unusual for me to spend three months on a single drawing, constantly building and developing it to its conclusion.



“Dalmation” pencil, 17″ x 23″


My style of photorealism is so unique that most people, when viewing my work for the first time, find it difficult to imagine that the drawings are done with only a pencil. The sharp point of the pencil that I use is ideally suited for the exacting detail that I desire in my drawings.


Jackie and Yogi

“Jackie and Yogi” pencil, 17″ x 17″


The subject matter for my drawings is less important than the medium that I use. I like to think that the pencil is the featured characteristic of each drawing.


Jeter and Mariano

“Jeter and Mariano” pencil, 17″ x 23″


I have been drawing for more than 60 years and I remain inspired to continue drawing well into my senior years.


Tiger Face

“Tiger Face” pencil, 15″ x 15″


I own and operate an art school, which also serves as my studio. I have been teaching pencil drawing to adults and children for the past 30 years. My students have always been a source of my inspiration.



“Giraffe” pencil, 17″ x 23″


Whenever I have a student that feels the love of the pencil, as I do, and excels at it, I know that I have done my job.


The Street

“The Street” pencil, 15″ x 19″


I have won more than 300 awards for my drawings and my work is featured in many private collections as well as museums in the metropolitan New York area.



  1. Spectacular work, Jerry. True talent. Very best wishes for your continued success.

  2. These are absolutely amazing!

  3. Your drawings are wonderful Jerry!! I loved this comment of yours:”The subject matter for my drawings is less important than the medium that I use.” fascinating, as I am not quite, but almost opposite of that, which I never really even thought about before!! I wish you continued success!!

    • Throuout the years, most people commenting on my artwork observed that they did not realize that you could draw that way with a pencil. My work became more about the medium than the subject matter. Of course the subject is also important as it is to most artists. Thank you for your interest.

  4. Toby Ventura says

    I love your work, and the idea that you’ve been practicing for 60 years-fantastic!

  5. Simply outstanding and masterful drawings! I hope to someday be half as good as you!

  6. Eleanor Hayman says

    Amazing work, I love drawing with pencil too. Maybe in years to come I can be half as good as you.

  7. Glenn Ferrand says

    Jerry, what type or brand of pencils do you use. I’ve tried several different ones in the past, but without the satisfaction I’m looking for.

    Glenn Ferrand

  8. why cant the work of Jerry Winick be found on Amazon?

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