Featured Artist Sachiko Quinn

Enjoy the serene and lovely batik portfolio of fiber artist Sachiko Quinn. See more of her work by visiting her website.


Tanager's Dream

“Tanager’s Dream”, Mixed Media (batik, acrylic), 16″ x16″


I have been a practicing batik artist for over 15 years. My early artistic focus was on oil painting when I lived in Japan and in the first few years in Oregon.


Mediterranean Night

“Mediterranean Night”, Mixed Media (batik, acrylic), 40″ x 30″


However, when I traveled to Bali and encountered various batik artists, I was impressed with the fine art potential of this medium.


Pondering Autumn

“Pondering Autumn”, Mixed Media (batik, acrylic), 15″ x 30″


For the past years, my work has evolved through experimentation.


Poppy Field

“Poppy Field”, Mixed Media (batik, acrylic), 40″ x 30″


I enjoyed the fragile texture on silk created by the batik technique, but there was a line that I could not cross to express greater depth and detail.


Wy'east Night

“Wy’east Night”, Mixed Media (batik, acrylic), 30″ x 40″


It was a breakthrough for greater aesthetic expression and potential when I started to add another medium, acrylic.



“Sakura”, Mixed Media (batik, acrylic), 36″ x 36″


The foundation of each of my pieces is an intricate design created through the multiple-step wax resist method inherent to batik.


Into the Glove

“Into the Glove”, Mixed Media (batik, acrylic), 36″ x 36″


What I do next with acrylic applications after I mount the newly created batik onto a canvas is what really makes my work unique.


Mojave Night

“Mojave Night II”, Mixed Media (batik, acrylic), 18″ x 24″


My artistic inspirations arise from exposure to the natural world mostly here in the Pacific Northwest and in my native Japan.



“Cosmos”, Mixed Media (batik, acrylic), 40″ x 30″


I seek out scenes of tranquility and attempt to create a therapeutic distillate from these settings in my art.


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