Featured Artist Leslie Kell

Artist Leslie Kell creates amazing environments using a complex process. See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.


What the Song and Silence Say

“What the Song and Silence Say” archival inks on canvas, 24″ x 24″


The experience that I hope to create with my art is a transformative one.


Break on Through

“Break On Through” mixed media: archival inks on canvas, acrylic paint, brushed aluminum, silver leaf, 24″ x 40″


I want to inspire the senses and create a sense of wonder, movement and sound. I’ve created virtual environments where my photographic images are transformed as they are placed into the spaces and patterns of my designs.


Destination Seen Unclearly

“Destination Seen Unclearly” digital composition, dimensions vary


The creation of these works begins with the photography, which is done at various events and locations. Each piece may involve six or more photographs that are selected based on theme, location, color or texture. The overall design is developed through a series of sketches and drawings. The photos are digitally assembled into the design and are transformed into the artwork.


Big Yellow Taxi

“Big Yellow Taxi” mixed media: archival inks on canvas, acrylic paint, vintage computer disks, 32″ x 24″


The process itself offers many surprises. The nature and identity of a photo changes when it’s removed from its context and presented from a different vantage point. You may feel a connection to the imagery without knowing why or how, a sort of déjà vu.


We Chased Our Pleasures Here

“We Chased Our Pleasures Here” mixed media: archival inks on canvas, acrylic paint, brushed steel, 42″ x 48″


There are recurring themes throughout my work of water, light, and reflection. The manners in which these elements interact and alter what we perceive fascinates me. It’s almost as if the angle of a light beam or a fleeting reflection can create an alternate reality for a brief time as it passes through our awareness. The desire to capture that instant moment feeds my creative spirit.


Little  Wing

“Little Wing” digital composition, dimensions vary


In many of my pieces there are spirits at play. You’ll have to look closely to see the ethereal children as they pass by. But once discovered, they will remain in your impressions.


Tree Museum

“Tree Museum” mixed media: archival inks on canvas, acrylic paint, brushed aluminum, 28″ x 32″


This is not where the story ends though. Once the digital process is complete, a mixed media piece is created. An archival canvas is printed and paint and textural elements are added. I enjoy the juxtaposition of the precise digital construction with the unpredictable and spontaneous paint splatters. It makes each piece unique and original.


The Other Side

“The Other Side” mixed media: archival inks on canvas, acrylic paint, brushed aluminum, silver leaf, 22″ x 36″


Finally, the artwork is finished with three-dimensional accents to create a sculptural presentation that reaches beyond the bounds of the canvas.


Expecting to Fly

“Expecting to Fly” digital composition, dimensions vary


The works are grouped into collections based on a favorite artist or song. Then each piece is named from a lyrical phrase relating to the collection theme.


Inside Down

“Inside Down” digital composition, dimensions vary


When you stand before my artwork I hope you sense that “Wow” moment that I strive to create. I want the images to engage your mind and imagination and make it difficult to look away. Every time you experience the artwork, I hope it offers a new visual journey.

Someone once told me that they could hear my art. That might be one of the best things that I ever heard.


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