Featured Artist Susan Obrant

Multi-talented artist Susan Obrant shares her collection of wearable art.  Visit her website to see more of her amazing collection.


Serious Art Discussion

Serious Art Discussion. Susan Obrant and 2 mannequins, all wearing her crocheted clothing, discuss her painting “Pallas Athena Abstracted,” oil on linen, 36″ x 48″


Crochet is a language for me. The way it lays on the body and moves, the way it softly graces the form  like a gently moving sea or a vibrant sunset. The arts are one for me. You create a character, and bring it to life.



“Edo” crochet by artist Susan Obrant


Classical music has been the great teacher. Creating art for use with Mozart or Satie meant translating the audible to the visible. Allegro and adagio translate to colours and patterns. The concept of intermittent silence is equivalent to negative space in a painting, which is never empty, but full of the echo of what surrounds it. When a musician puts down their instrument, lifts their fingers, or rests their breath it is one of the most intense energies imaginable.


Susan Obrant

The Artist, Susan Obrant


Surrealist humour is in my bones. I call myself, while crocheting, a spider with a bad habit. Humour gives one the courage to stand apart and glow.


Daisy Ballet Dress

“Daisy Ballet Dress” crochet by artist Susan Obrant


Movement courses in my veins, dance being  my first love. If a painting doesn’t move, it’s not alive. Colour thrives in my retinae. Nature is inspiration. To give back something new is a requirement. Each piece must be something I’ve never seen.



“Aida” crochet by artist Susan Obrant


Whether lost in pen & ink (aka my Grammy nominated album art) or in a spin of glistening yarn, like my Aida tunics, you can hang my art on your wall or wear it on your body. From earth tones to unrestrained vibrant colour, my palette dances in them all.



Two Ballet Dresses

Two ballet dresses, crochet, by artist Susan Obrant


Performers love their sensuous comfort, stylists love their uniqueness. Art collectors enjoy their variety. I have had a great time experimenting even to this day.



“Ninotchka” crochet by artist Susan Obrant


Inspiration comes from 20 centuries of Art and culture around the world. The feast an artist inhales and then gives back.


Ballet Dress

“Ballet Dress” study for crochet by artist Susan Obrant


My ballet dresses are that. The first was danced in and they continue to choreograph their wearers.


Butterfly Sacque

“Butterfly Sacque” crochet by artist Susan Obrant


My crochet pieces are lovingly handcrafted by me. One of a kind. Or commissioned. One stitch taught to me by my European Grandmother when I was 8, encouraged me to invent. Everyone is so unique, pieces become  portraits.


Leg Warmers

“Leg Warmers” crochet by artist Susan Obrant


Taste my world
Be a modern page of literature in my NINOTCHKAS.
Be unforgettable in my grand SACQUES.
BALLET DRESSES-Step out of your own dream and dance in mine.
When you wear Art it transports you.
You stand apart in your own skin. Confidence , it speaks about choice.

MOZART taught me about serious play.
LEONARDO about invention.
VAN GOGH about truth as we experience it.



  1. Susan Obrant’s work is genius, stunning to look at, creative, fun, completely original and comfortable to wear. She is a blessing to us all.

    Daisy Jopling

  2. Richard Friedman says

    I’ll be in NYC from 11/22 – 11/26.Any
    chance to see your work while I’m in town?
    Cell 704-996-7965

  3. Whitney Leandra says

    I had the great pleasure of living next to Susan. She’s an incredible artist and visionary…I was so pleased to sit for a painting once which was incredible!! I can’t say enough about this brilliant, kind, funny, beautiful and fascinating person!!

  4. I knew when I met you, that you were special.
    Fantastic works of art! You are very gifted.

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