Featured Artist Bob McGill

Artist Bob McGill presents his delightful collection of artwork, using recycled materials and an unusual technique. See more of his work by visiting his website.


We're a Great Pair

“We’re A Great Pair” acrylic, used cabinet door, 20″ x 28″


I live in Nashville, TN on a bluff overlooking the Cumberland River, just a few miles east of the downtown area.


When You Least Expect It

“When You Least Expect It”, acrylic, custom made cabinet door, 36″ x 16″


All of my paintings are created using a common safety razor. I have broken the blades into different lengths to allow more flexibility while I am painting. I try to use recycled materials where possible. Most of my pieces are painted on used or damaged cabinet doors.


Perch Snatcher

“Perch Snatcher”, acrylic, constructed from recycled material, 32″ x 40″



The pieces that are not on reused cabinet doors are displayed in frames that are usually made from recycled wood taken from home remodeling projects. The imperfections in the used material sometimes shows through the painting. Most people think this adds to the piece, as I do. If the damage is significant, I will repair it but always make note of it on the back of the piece.


Sweeter Than Wine

“Sweeter Than Wine”, acrylic, used cabinet door, 34″ x 17″


The reason I paint is quite simple. When I wake up I like to see things that make me smile.


Out to Get Ya

“Out To Get Ya”, acrylic, used cabinet door, 24″ x 30″



Today’s world is so full of stress. People rush around, never pausing and really looking at things. They seem to be so busy that they don’t enjoy life. I paint with bright, bold, happy colors to make people take notice.


I Wanna Hold Your Hand

“I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, acrylic, used cabinet door, 19″ x 36″



I also try to paint happy images, and give them titles to match the mood of the piece. There is nothing more satisfying then having someone look at one of my paintings and break into a big smile. That is what life is about…being happy.


Artist Bob McGill


For the past 19 years, I have been participating in outdoor art shows, and a few indoor ones as well. In the early years, I would only do 2 or 3 shows per year. Now that I have retired from the Post Office, I try to do 8 to 10 shows per year.


I Pledge

“I Pledge”, acrylic, used cabinet door, 24″ x 30″



I have been as far north as Quincy, Illinois and as far south as Orlando, Florida. When I am at these shows, I like to demonstrate how I paint. People don’t believe that my pieces are painted using razor blades so I have to show how it is done.


I Like What I See

“I Like What I See”, acrylic, used cabinet door, 24″ x 24″


A portion of everything I sell goes to animal rescue. Last year, people who purchased my paintings helped me donate enough money to the Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society to sponsor (paying half of the adoption fee) about 50 dogs and cats.



  1. Life IS about being happy!!! yey. Thanks for that, Bob. You rock!

  2. Marko Vegano says

    Thanks Bob McGill for sharing your happiness and art, which is your happiness, indeed. I wish you greater success in your retirement. Keep painting? LOL. Just keep doing what you do and let me know if you ever get over to Texas. Corpus Christi would love you.

  3. Your paintings do make me smile. Even pictures of your paintings make me smile!!!

  4. You rock and so do your paintings!!! Keep up the great work and for making the world a happier place for both people and our animal friends.

  5. Anne Brodie Hill says

    I love what Bob McGill does with razor blades! – he is such a gifted artist and makes everyone in Gainesville, GA smile when he comes to our Art In The Square in September each year to demo his techniques and show his amazing paintings – Love you Bob! xxoo

  6. I was at Art on the Square in Gainesville and just LOVE Bob’s work…there are two pieces that I would love to have in my home…and just saw a third on Bob’s website…would love to be in touch with Bob to see if he would take an order by mail…and then ship! YES! Your work makes me smile…big time…!
    (Pieces I am interested in: “I wanna hold your hand”; “We’re a great pair”; “you’re still the one I hold on to”)

  7. Let me know if you will be at another Art Fair/Fair this Fall between Nashville and Atlanta…thanks much!

  8. lila lavelle says

    I would love to buy a picture.

  9. Hi Bob, I would like to invite you to participate in a really fun art project that is a collaboration between the Quinlan Visual Arts Center and the Habitat ReStore. If you’ll send me your email address, we’ll send you information about it. We’re going into our second year and it was a hoot last year. You might really enjoy it!

  10. Dave Bulmer says

    Hi Robert, I’m Dave Bulmer and used to be friends with you in grade school in Palmdale. I just happened to run across your name in Linkedin and noticed you had graduated from PHS and are now an artist and live in Nashville. Congratulations on your interesting career, you are very talented. I became a teacher and taught in the Antelope Valley for several decades and then moved to Ohio after retiring. I just wanted to say hello and offer my best wishes to you. I hope you are well. Take care.

  11. Jack McLaughlin says

    Hi Bob,
    I love your work as well as your enjoyment of life. We have something in common that is very unusual. I paint with acrylics using single edge razor blades. I am not as colorful as you (by a long shot) as my work centers on using photographs that took place from the 1880’s to the mid 1930’s. Most of my work is in earthy umbers and siennas. Would love to talk to some time when you have a quiet moment.
    Jack McLaughlin

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