Featured Artist Cynda Valle

Enjoy the fascinating portfolio of Cynda Valle, who tells a story with each of her paintings. See more work from this remarkable artist by visiting her website.


One Foot Out the Door

“One Foot Out the Door”, oil on linen, 52″ x 42″


I imagine the part of my brain that I’m not consciously aware of like a deep dark pool. In it’s deepest darkest shadows, something percolates, creating bubbles… the bubbles rise and pop to the surface of my conscious mind, delivering completely formed images, remembered from my childhood.


On Shaky Ground

“On Shaky Ground”, oil on linen, 52″ x 42″


In the way of oldest memories, things get twisted, changed, jumbled. They seem surreal. It’s hard to know what is real and what is imagined or based on a story once told. In my new series (“The Alone Together Family”) these are the images I paint.


The Honeymooners

“The Honeymooners”, oil on linen. 52″ x 42″


An older series is about the relationship between women and water. I approached the series first from the Western historical idea that women and water are a tragic combination; Ophelia, Lady of Shallot, Sirens of the Sea.


Mermaid Fantasy

“Mermaid Fantasy”, oil on panel, 12″ x 16″


I then discovered a more feminist perspective that expresses women as Water Beings: mysterious, graceful and the embodiment of water in birth, rebirth and baptism.


An Angel Passes

“An Angel Passes”,oil on panel, 40″ x 60″


The theme has grown to represent the combination of women and water as ethereal, divine and powerful, capable of carving the landscape and creating miracles of biblical proportions.


Eddie's Girl

“Eddie’s Girl”; an homage to Manet’s “A Bar at the Folies-Bergère”, oil on panel, 30″ x 40″


Regardless of the subject matter, the way I paint is always the same. I focus on the idea that light and color are synonymous. I choose techniques and media that make the paintings appear to glow, as if the light source was coming from within the painting.


All That Glitters

“All That Glitters…”, oil on linen, 52″ x 42″


I try not to end the painting until I see the “glow.” To achieve this end, I currently use  many layers of traditional oil glazes as well as a special technique called “Mixed Whites” which dates to the 15th century. I live, teach and paint in a northern California Artist’s colony  (Willits, Mendocino County).


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  1. Another fascinating collection…loved it!

  2. These paintings have so much heat in them…the colors are so unnatural, on the one hand, and perfectly at ease in the world, on another. So intriguing to look at. Loved the subjects and the execution!

  3. Wonderful and unique style!

  4. interesting palette! very evocative.

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