Featured Artist Jordan Kjome

Jordan Kjome presents a surprising and fascinating collection of light paintings. Learn more about his unusual technique by visiting his website.


This Too Shall Pass

“This Too Shall Pass” exposure time: 170 seconds, light-painted photograph


Light-Painting Photography: A unique and creative style of photography occurring at night that utilizes a single long-exposure and the illumination of subject matter by use of handmade light tools. Each photograph comes off the camera as-is, and involves no post-processing.


Daley's Bowstring

“Daley’s Bowstring” exposure time: 647 seconds, light-painted photograph


I made my first camera purchase in 2012 after being inspired by examples of long-exposure light-painting photography. Upon experimenting, I discovered the vast possibilities of creating art utilizing a long-exposure and handmade light tools as my instruments to “paint a landscape with light.”


Forging the Stars

“Forging the Stars” exposure time: 1836 seconds, light-painted photograph.


I’ve created many unique light tool designs in an attempt to achieve new illumination results. Simple light tools may consist of a flashlight and a colored gel filter, while other light tool designs feature microprocessor-controlled LED’s and fiber optics.


Undisturbed Tranquility

“Undisturbed Tranquility” exposure time: 255 seconds, light-painted photograph


Designing and building light tools is an interesting challenge, but has proved to be enjoyable. During the many hours that I have spent experimenting in pitch-dark locations, I have gained a better understanding of the properties of light and have learned how I can manipulate my tools in order to achieve my visions.


Tree of Life II

“Tree of Life II” exposure time: 165 seconds, light-painted photograph


By wearing all black and working in the pitch dark, I am able to move about and illuminate select objects with my light tools. It is important for me to wear all black to prevent my body from showing up in my photographs.


Troll's Defense

“Troll’s Defense” exposure time: 444 seconds, light-painted photograph


Because my environment must be dark, I must possess an ability to memorize my surroundings. This is necessary to achieve accurate illumination in the photograph, and more importantly to prevent injury while working around cliffs and bodies of water.


Madisoon Cascades

“Madison Cascades” exposure time: 46 seconds, light-painted photograph


I typically create hundreds of test shots as I experiment and perfect my techniques before ending up with the final photograph. Each of my light-painted photographs has an average exposure time of 1 to 30 minutes. Because I do not manipulate my photographs after they are created, I often spend many hours attempting a shot until I am satisfied.


Fire Hydrant

“Fire Hydrant” exposure time: 631 seconds, light-painted photograph


Memorizing where my light tool has illuminated the photograph is often the hardest part of light-painting, especially when some light-paintings require using many different light tools over the course of a half an hour exposure.


Discovery Lies Beneath

“Discovery Lies Beneath” exposure time: 144 seconds, light-painted photograph


The landscapes and objects that I choose to light-paint often have features about them that stand out to me, but may not be so obvious to others. It is often my goal to reveal these features to the viewer.


Texture Quarry

“Texture Quarry” exposure time: 711 seconds, light-painted photograph


I can illuminate select components, shapes or textures of an object utilizing my light tools, or leave out parts of the landscape by not casting light onto them. This allows me to make these features stand out to the viewer, and to paint my vision with light.


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  1. This is the most innovative photography portfolio I’ve seen in a long time. Impeccable and beautiful work Jordan. Thank you for restoring my faith in photography as an artistic medium. Chapeau!

    • Thank you so very much, Jonathan! It makes my day to hear such kind words about my work. It only pushes me even harder to improve upon my techniques and ideas. Cheers!

  2. Great work Jordan. I would love to see some of test photos you take prior to getting the final image.

    • Thank you, Tim! I think that is a great idea. Most people do not understand the process involved with light-painting photography. Perhaps sharing some of the experimenting and practice shots that led up to the final image would help people understand the process, at least visually. I’ll see if I can work something into my website and/or a Facebook album. Cheers!

  3. wow these are just stunning – love them – best ashar

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