Featured Artist Samantha Tro

Australian artist Samantha Tro combines her mission to save wildlife with her interest in digital painting. Enjoy her portfolio, and be sure to visit her website to learn more.


Samantha Tro and "Morgan"

Artist Samantha Tro and “Morgan”


I’ve spent my life working as an engineer and as such, am not supposed to be imaginative and arty. But I’ve chosen to express myself using the medium of digital painting.



“Affera” digital painting, sizes variable


Although I’m a Pom living in Australia, I’ve spent years rehabilitating orphan kangaroo joey’s so they can be released back in the wild. My artwork evolved from a need to portray these gentle-natured animals and their individual character traits, in the vain hope that I could demonstrate to ‘Joe Public’ that these wild, intelligent beings should not be served up as a main course or treated with such callus disregard.



“Dakota” digital painting, sizes variable


Dakota  (Orphan from shooting) This darling girl would always stick her chest out and ponder on any low-level flying insect in the vicinity. She was a contemplative juvenile, who was understandably tenacious and unsure in care and proved a challenge when trying to ‘wild her up’ before release.


Nimitz and Missouri

“Nimitz and Missouri” digital painting, sizes variable


Missouri and Nimitz  (Vehicle accident orphans) Nimitz was extremely timid and unsure of the big world outside his pouch, whilst Missouri his protector was so confident and adventurous. They were always together during their 10 months in care. It took me almost four months after their release to create this piece. It is my bestseller.


Brumbie and Byron

“Brumbie and Byron” digital painting, sizes variable


Brumbie and Byron  (Orphans from shooting) These two were pouch mates in care, but had to be mobbed separately pre-release as they originally came from different locations. This was the first piece where I included a background showing the kind of terrain they would normally belong in.


Please Can You Help?

“Please Can You Help?” digital painting, sizes variable


“Please Can You Help?” (Orphan from a council approved cull organized to make way for a housing development.) Personally the story behind this piece saddens me. One of the times I’m ashamed to be human.



“Constantine” digital painting, sizes variable


Constantine (Orphan from shooting) Possibly my favorite work, I loved Constantine very much. The hunter had broken the tiny joey’s tail multiple times pulling him out of his dead mothers pouch. A happy baby who was so brave tolerating physiotherapy twice a day to get movement into his tail. Sadly he couldn’t be rehabilitated; he would never have survived without the use of his tail. I wanted to show a number of things here; how gentle this little guy was, the feel of his soft paw pads on your hand when you steadied him, how he depended on you as his foster parent, how he needed love and encouragement because he was a baby.


Joey's Sunset

“Joey’s Sunset” digital painting, sizes variable


I spend hours studying these creatures, watching how the light shows up the true colours and depth of expression in their eyes. Observing how they touch and interact with each other, noting how the fur lies on different parts of their bodies and of course taking hundreds of photos to work from.


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  1. Lovely work I very much enjoyed it; so tender and caring – best ashar

  2. loved reading your stories and seeing your art…you are doing fantastic work!!!

  3. Thank you Ashar and Kathryn for your feedback it is appreciated.

  4. Sam is a wonderful person through and through! Her devotion and dedication to Australian Wildlife is amazing. Not only does she portray this in her amazing art works but also in the way that she rescues, rehabilitates and releases injured and orphaned wildlife. Sam is such a quietly spoken lady who has such a fire in her heart and soul for promoting and protecting these wonderful creatures. I will always remember and cherish the day that I first met Sam and hope sincerely that with people like her in our lives, we will continue to realize how lucky we are in Australia to have such unique wildlife around us. Thankyou Sam for helping us to help wildlife within Australia and around the world.

  5. Such a dear soul! Humanity is both the best and worst of creation. Compassion is the way forward for all of us. Thank you Sam for seeing and doing!

  6. Margaret Neihoff says

    Just beautiful Sam. A lasting memory of these animals.

  7. Jillian Jones says

    Your work is outstanding and I am privileged to be able to see it. You have portrayed an Australian Wildlife Animal to perfection. I am not sure which is my favourite.
    I live in Tasmania and we have nothing at all for the Carers/Rescuers & was wondering if you could come up with something magic for us to use on polo tops. I would love to have them embroidered with something really beautiful. I was thinking a green cross would be appropriate with some other things as well as “Wildlife Carers & Rescuers” underneath it. We mainly have, Pademelons, Wombats, Brush tail Possums, Sugar Gliders, Spotted Quolls & Bettongs. No Devils, these are a specialised field. If you can direct me to someone who may be willing to donate something to be worn over here that would be very much appreciated.
    Many thanks, Jillian

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