Featured Artist Leslie White

Artist Leslie White presents her compelling portfolio of watercolor landscapes. Enjoy, and visit her website for more information.


Pedernales River

“Pedernales River” watercolor 15″ x 22”


I am intrigued by the idea of special place and the connection between environment and well-being. We all have a special place that we go to when our minds need to wander. Mine is my grandparents cabin in the Texas Hill Country.


Splashing Into Lake Austin

“Splashing Into Lake Austin” watercolor 22”x 30”


The memories of the emerald green Guadalupe, the scent of wild mint and juniper, and the texture of limestone cliffs still bring peace and joy. My intent is to capture with watercolors not just the appearance but also the essence of such places.


Abusa Preaching the Word

“Abusa Preaching the Word” watercolor 22”x 30”


I love to travel, to explore, and to meet the people who make places special. So many of my African watercolors include people because they were such an integral part of my experiences while living there. I can’t think about my two years in Malawi and its beautiful scenery without remembering the gracious people I met.


Rowboat at Bunda

“Rowboat at Bunda” watercolor 16”x 22”


National parks are favorite places for inspiration. I have been blessed to live not only in Africa but also in the American West in an area surrounded by national parks and monuments. Traveling to and enjoying the natural beauty of the national parks is a pleasure and privilege.


Sunset Pool

“Sunset Pool” watercolor 22”x 30


I love the idea that we, as a nation, have intentionally set aside special places for everyone to enjoy. Many of my paintings are a result of my time in the national parks and I’m currently working on a large watercolor of Mt. Rainier’s Christine Falls.


Hidden Lake

“Hidden Lake” watercolor 12”x 16


Painting a place helps me to know it and to appreciate its complexity. Even places that are not famous or majestic landmarks have a beauty and diversity that inspires me when I take the time to observe them.


River Pebbles

“River Pebbles” watercolor 22”x 30”


Being from Texas, I love a wide panoramic vista, but often my favorite places are the small, quiet spaces. The act of putting a brush to paper enables me to be thrilled by not only the Grand Canyon but also the shapes and colors of river pebbles in a spring.


Grand Canyon

“Grand Canyon” watercolor 20”x 30”


By observing the many layers of an environment, I find a connection with my own experience and memories. The same thing happens when I create or study a work of art.


Montana Wildwater

“Montana Wildwater” watercolor 11”x14”


My own creative process involves layering transparent washes until I achieve the depth and color saturation that fits the subject. There is that wonderful moment when a painting is no longer just a representation of something but has a life of its own.


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  1. Leslie…great paintings. Loved the complexity. Please check out my web site & give feed back.

    • Leslie White says

      Joyce, Thanks for the comments. I really like the color saturation in your paintings and can tell that you are influenced by the post impressionists.

  2. Hello, I admire the attention to detail, especially the Grand Canyon. I did that in acrylic on canvas. Also your water emphasis paintings are marvellous.

    • Leslie White says

      Martha, thanks so much for comments. I love the Grand Canyon and didn’t realize just how much variety of color is there until I started painting it. My favorite part so far is the North Rim (also great campsites)

  3. I could just plunge into your pool – your water is so inviting
    great stuff just love it – best ashar

    • Leslie White says

      Ashar, Thank you so much. I’m thinking about starting another swimming pool watercolor later this week. It has been so hot here in Texas lately that at least I can be thinking about a nice swim.

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