Featured Artist Cat Morris

Artist Cat Morris uses iPhoneography to create dynamic and flowing designs. Visit her website to see more of her work.


"One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish - Dr. Seuss," digital image

“One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish – Dr. Seuss,” digital image


As a little girl growing up in New York City’s Greenwich Village in the 60s, I was really affected by the energy and lights and geometric shapes buzzing around me. And my great aunt and uncle’s apartment. She was a rug trader and was surrounded by the colors of the far east and he was a writer. Their apartment was full of art and nature and flowers and books.


When ColorForms Ruled the World

“When ColorForms Ruled the World,” digital image


Flash forward to now and diving back into my own creative journey. I’d dabbled in abstract collage work and photography while in college and in 2012 with my iPhone I found the key to my new creative path. I mostly make colorful abstract work on my phone now, combing photographs and drawing elements. I’m loosely influenced by the Italian Futurists, the Fauves, Orphism and the Cubists. And mid-century graphic and interior design.


Bathysphere Traffic

“Bathysphere Traffic,” digital image


I photograph flowers and natural textures, and these end up as the basis for my abstract work. I layer them into my drawings to influence both the tones and textures of my simple geometric shapes. For the past three years I’ve focused on one series per year.


Side Car

“Side Car,” digital image


Earlier this year I started a series called “Spherically Challenged.” Where could I take the simple circle? Because I work solely on my iPhone the continuous advancement in creative Apps is constantly pushing me further in my exploration. Circles and spheres and the sense of our mechanical world intersecting with the natural world all play a part in this series.


Worlds Collide

“Worlds Collide,” digital image


I love to play with color too. I think that’s where my fascination with photographing flowers comes into play. They’re all natural abstracts and their colors bring me so much joy. I love blending their colors into my shapes. I’m never sure exactly what will happen. Each piece is an adventure.


Blue Moon

“Blue Moon'” digital image


Sharing my work with others has also been a wonderful experience. There is a tremendously supportive community in the growing iPhoneography world. Lots of groups to get involved with through FaceBook where I’ve learned from other artists and shared my work. Galleries who support alternative creative processes are also opening their doors to this new medium and I’ve been lucky to be hanging my work here and abroad.


A World Away

“A World Away,” digital image


One of my goals is to share my work with ever more people in both the virtual and physical worlds and share the new medium that iPhoneography represents through teaching. I love to teach and have taught for both arts organizations and tech companies.


Running on Fumes

“Running on Fumes,” digital image


I think when people open up and find their own creativity, their world view expands. The ability to create one’s own joy in our society today is really powerful and positive and something we need more of.


Pinball Wizard

“Pinball Wizard,” digital image


I’m also translating some of my work into patterns for textiles and hard surface products. This is a very new world to me and I’m loving it even though there’s lot to learn. Keep making art. Keep spreading joy. Share the adventure.




  1. Your bold, colorful designs were a joy to find on my computer this morning. A fantastic journey for sure.

  2. I, too, enjoyed seeing these beautiful works this morning. It takes me to past sacred geometry classes, which I hope to continue next year. Thank you for sharing your work. It’s very inspiring.

  3. Thank you Mary! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed my work!

  4. Catherine Restivo says

    I’ve loved your art since I first discovered this fabulous community. Keep on spreading joy, you have a special gift! xoxo

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