Featured Artist Tara Gill

Tara Gill presents a delightful collection of botanical images from her portfolio. Enjoy, and visit her website to see more of her work.


Angel's Trumpets #2

“Angel’s Trumpets #2 brugmansia” Archival digital photograph, 50″ x 50″


I am a photographer and designer transplanted from Canada to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2002. Being here has afforded me some amazing opportunities, including attending business/art courses for creatives at Creative Live.


Bottle Brush Flowers

“Bottle Brush Flowers, callistemon” Archival digital photograph, 11″ x 17″


Building my business knowledge has been a much needed focus for me to thrive instead of to just survive. Creative Live has selected me and 11 other artists as part of their inaugural Honor Roll, a great place for me to connect with other creatives and grow as a business person.


Pride of Madeira Flowers # 1

“Pride of Madeira Flowers #1, echium candicans” Archival digital photograph, 50″ x 50″

One of my biggest realizations is:

Every entrepreneur is an artist, every artist is an entrepreneur. Dr. ‘E’ (Dr. Elliot McGucken)

Many thanks to Ann Rea, CEO of Artists Who Thrive for introducing me to this paradigm shift.


Kaffir Lily, Flower, Stamen, Berry

Kaffir Lily, Flower, Stamen, Berry clivia miniata” Archival digital photograph 80″ x 80″


“Patterns of Growth” is my most recent body of work. The underpinning of the work is my keen interest in dissecting patterns in life, myself and others. When approaching a new piece my process is simply being present in the plant world, and in my own thought/feeling world. Making new patterns with plants not only affords me a well-ordered intimacy with nature, it helps me to remember I can create new, beautiful patterns in my own life as well.


California Black Walnut Racemes #2

“California Black Walnut Racemes #2, juglans californica” Archival digital photograph, 30″ x 30″


I build the photographs by placing the plant part on a white background. Sometimes designs are formed directly on the background, and other times they serve as the building blocks for designs in Photoshop. Most always, I use only one plant’s parts in the design. This is intentional. I want to celebrate all the cycles of one life.


hilean Pepper Tree Fruit & Leaves #2

“Chilean Pepper Tree Fruit & Leaves #2 schinus molle” Archival digital photograph, 30″ x 30″


In 2013, I placed 23 pieces of my work in the Sutter Breast Center in Santa Rosa, CA. It was a turning point in my career as an artist, because I understood without a doubt that art holds space for healing. Nancy Witherell was the art consultant on this project and is a breast cancer survivor. Nancy knows intimately how having art in a room can support, ground, and visually anchor a woman’s journey through the medical system.


Sweet Potato Leaves #2 installed

“Sweet Potato Leaves #2, ipomoea batatas” installed, 40″ x 60″ Digital Photograph on Aluminum


When the last piece was hung she took me on a tour of the facility from the perspective of a woman being diagnosed with breast cancer. Each room’s significance in the process was explained. I was shocked. It became real. I was amazed by how art can hold a space. She knew, and now I know.


Cockspur Coral Tree Flowers & Leaves, Stems #3

“Cockspur Coral Tree Flowers & Leaves, Stems #3 erythrina crista-galli” Archival digital photograph, 18″ x 26″


It is my intention to support my life with my art, continue to learn how I can best do that, stay in integrity, and thrive as a creative.


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  1. Hi Tara,
    As you were recounting your experience in the Sutter Breast Cancer facility I wondered if a book opportunity was presenting itself. The selected images along with the conversation with Nancy Witherel and her insight…these might form a strong book, with possible funding sources available because of the content/context (perhaps already in place).

    • Hi James,

      What a great idea, I appreciate you taking the time to offer it. It does seem a viable and fundable idea. At present we haven’t any plans, but would certainly welcome further suggestions should they occur to you. Tell me more about yourself, are you an artist, an appreciator?


  2. I am inspired by the patterns that Tara creates and that she sees herself not only as an artist but as a business woman.

  3. This talented artist is very dear to my heart, as is her work and dedication. She’s my daughter and she makes me proud every day.

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