Featured Artist Jessica Dodge

Artist Jessica Dodge uses a fascinating technique to create her paintings, each of which tells a story. Enjoy her portfolio and visit her website for more information.


Forbidden Dance #2

“Forbidden Dance #2” Oil on glass, 28” X 23”


The first time I really noticed that I’d lost track of time while drawing when I was eighteen and just starting art school; I looked up from my finished drawing, it was 4 am and I had no sense of the hours that had passed. I still often work late into the night, losing track of time, making art.


Woman Contemplating Her Own Reflection

“Woman Contemplating Her Own Reflection” Oil on glass, 12” X 24”


It has been thirty-eight years since then and I have been a working artist for the majority of that span; not only selling my paintings, but also as a scenic designer and/or painter (mostly theatrical, and a little film), and some teaching. I am always interested in learning about different techniques and other media. I love to collaborate with others in addition to the lone discipline of a studio artist.



“Stray” Oil on glass, 12” X 24”


When I create my work, I often start with a narrative I find compelling, when something I encounter sets me on a visual path that excites me; it can be from mythology, literature, poetry, or more immediate sources. I want to leave clues for the viewer like breadcrumbs through the forest, hoping they will find their own way along, encouraging them to imagine what might be going on in there.


You must dance Mr. Adamson

“You must dance Mr. Adamson” detail – panel #2 (inspired by Angels & Insects by A.S.Byatt) Oil on glass, 13″ X 45.5″


My approach is to use humor, color, dynamic line work and the gorgeous luminosity of oil paint under glass to draw people in a bit closer with hopes of engaging them further.


The Persistence of Hope

“The Persistence of Hope” Oil on glass, 24” X 12”


I’ll commonly use images of people, or animals, as characters in the storylines of my paintings, but even when I paint a more traditional subject matter (whether it be a Landscape, Botanical, Still Life or Portrait) I often find I am composing the elements in these works as though they were part of a narrative flow as well.


The artist with painting

The artist, shown with back of painting “Shadow Play” (at COCA 24 hr painting marathon in Seattle, WA in 2013)


I was first introduced to painting on glass over thirty years ago by a friend, just after I finished art school. I found conceiving a composition in reverse and layering the color on from behind the viewing surface was an intriguing challenge; and the luminous quality of the oil paint, when viewed through the glass, absolutely delighted me.


Woman in a Doorway

“Woman in a Doorway” Oil on glass, 12” X 24”


Over time I have developed several techniques with this medium, integrating my drawing and painting styles with the properties of the glass in ways that feel unique to me.


Diptych, Woman Leaning on Counter/Man Leaning on Counter

“Woman Leaning on Counter” and “Man Leaning on Counter” Diptych, Oil on glass, each 12″ x 10″


Though I enjoy creating art in a variety of media, I continue to primarily paint on glass (instead of canvas or board or paper, for instance) because there is something about the transparency of it, the way the underside of my stroke is revealed, the feeling of ‘peering in’ to somewhere else that inspires me both visually, and seems to set the stage for another tale to be told.


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