Featured Artist Stephen Canneto

Artsy Shark is pleased to present the incredible portfolio of sculptor Stephen Canneto.  Please visit his website to find out more about this talented artist.


Color Play

“ColorPlay” Stainless steel, glass, masonry H 20 x L 20′ x W 20′


Through art making I practice my belief that we are all connected to and have a responsibility for each other. My goal is to create public art and places that instill a sense of meaning, identity and attachment to place and each other. And, that art is fundamental to a community’s health and infrastructure. In these nurturing spaces I strive to create memorable experiences that impact individuals and communities long into the future.



“Contact” Stainless steel, masonry, water, H 10′ x L 8′ x W 4′


My public art draws its inspiration and meaning from the site’s history, geography, natural and built environment, the vision for its uses and stories it holds. My inspiration comes from my life’s multifaceted experiences: a childhood growing up on the ocean, projects in my father’s woodworking shop, service in the US and Israeli militaries – where I witnessed the consequences of war.



“NavStar” Stainless steel, stone & masonry H 30’ x L 80’ x W 80’


As a project manager, constructing buildings and bridges for the United States Steel Corporation, I developed a love for large scale projects. And, for working with multi-faceted teams of talented individuals who create my work.



“Balance” Stainless steel, glass H 20′ x L 12′ x W 3′


My most important work was the creation of ArtSafe; a Service Media foundation which used the arts as a vehicle to transform and save lives of young people. Its programs enabled youth in prisons and inner-city schools to heal from the impact of violence, discover their talents and vocational identities empowering them to become productive community members.



“Integrity” Bronze, Stainless steel, stone, H 9′ x L 6′ x W 4′


Right now I am working on several public art projects: Fitting the Pieces, a public art project for the City of Columbus, OH, Police Crime Lab, and also Living Waters, for Graceworks, Dayton, OH.


Spiral of Life

“Spiral of Life” Bronze, Masonry, H 17’ x L 25’ x W 25’


I am inspired by my love of the natural world, built environment and fascination with the tension between nature, humanity and technology.  I am intrigued by our need to create and human propensity to destroy. And, I draw inspiration and hope from the positive life forces that inexorably bind all things together.


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