Featured Artist Mary McGill

Artist Mary McGill creates expressive clay sculptures that tell stories she wants to resonate with her viewers. See more of her portfolio when you visit her website.


ceramic figurative sculpture by Mary McGill

“Hindsight” ceramic, 10″ x 18″


I am a California sculptor/potter. I have had my hands in clay for over twenty years, and consider this a blessing. I am able to express my thoughts, fears and joy through my work.


ceramic bottle by Mary McGill

“Red Clay Bottle” ceramic, 11″ x 17″


Pottery involves vigilance—tending and nurturing. It has given me a sense of purpose, and an anchor in my life. I rent a large studio space in an art center in Camarillo. The center is full of artists of all types, and has a large gallery and gift store.


figurative ceramic sculpture by Mary McGill

“Scorched” ceramic and Manzanita, 8″ x 36″


I tell stories with my work. The story is mine, but I want it to resonate with the viewer and hear what they see in the work, what it makes them feel—a story or event that it helps them recall in their own life.


ceramic face vase by Mary McGill

“Face Vase” ceramic, 10″ x 19″


When I think about what my style of creating is, I have to say, it is about balance.


figurative ceramic sculpture by Mary McGill

“Bird in the Hand” ceramic and feathers, 14″ x 40″


Some ceramic artists are focused on the perfection of the piece, and I appreciate and admire that aesthetic; but I don’t see that. I see the balance of the work—the heaviness balanced with the lightness.  I accomplish this by creating sculptural vessels using a variety of throwing, altering and handbuilding techniques.


ceramic sculpture by Mary McGill

“T’Rex” ceramic, 15″ x 20″


My have a degree in Interior Design which is where I believe I learned about balance and scale, and why it is so important to me. It’s really what I see when I am creating. I have made a series of circle sculptures that really are a good example of what I mean when I say I create “balance” within the work. Those particular pieces would not exist if the balance wasn’t right; in fact, they would fail in the kiln.


circle ceramic sculpture by Mary McGill

“White Circle Sculpture” ceramic, 20″ x 18″


A term that I most identify with is “Wabi Sabi”—the beauty of imperfect things. We should not just focus on the physical, one must look beyond and within.


ceramic cat sculpture by Mary McGill

“Big Cat” ceramic, 8″ x 24″


A quote that I love by George Ohr, a famous Biloxi potter, is, “Clay follows the fingers and the fingers follow the mind.” That is my process exactly—form follows feeling.


cat ceramic sculpture by Mary McGill

“My Cup Runneth Over” ceramic, 10″ x 35″


When I start a new piece, the work takes on a personality and story. I enjoy working in a series, and also use symbolism to convey an emotional response. I strive to show the journey life gives.

I follow thoughts, impulses and try this or that. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.


ceramic sculpture of a woman's head by Mary McGill

“An Owl’s Purpose” ceramic, metal and manzanita, 10″ x 28″


Art for me is a joy, and I feel so very thankful that I am able to pursue my passion for this complex art form that allows me to communicate, learn and grow every day.


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  1. What a beautiful mind birthing such powerful messages through most expressive art! I very much enjoyed the works as well as equally fitting titles. An Absolute delight.

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