Featured Artist Grace DePledge

Ceramic artist Grace DePledge creates a stunning collection of intricately designed pottery. Enjoy, and visit her website for more.


Carved, wheel-thrown porcelain vessel

Carved, wheel-thrown porcelain vessel by Grace DePledge


I am a studio potter who finds joy in creating hand-carved porcelain pots that communicate life, growth, vitality, and abundance. I favor feminine, wheel-thrown forms and ornately patterned surfaces that reference nature.


Hand thrown porcelain cups with carved detail

Hand thrown porcelain cups with carved detail


I grew up surrounded by vineyards, rivers, and the mountains of California, where I developed a love for nature and artistic expression. I hold a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and spent many professional years as a creative director, cultivating skills in graphic design, typography, photography, and writing, and using those elements to craft meaningful messages.


Work in progress

Work in progress on a leather hard vessel


Having transferred my creative energy to clay, I now seek to craft meaningful pots—finding both a connection to my roots in design, as well as tremendous inspiration in exploring form and pattern on the dimensional porcelain surface.


Finished carving before firing

Finished carved vessel before firing


I work primarily with mid-range porcelain to create intricately carved, functional pots. My one-of-a-kind pieces are wheel-thrown and trimmed, and are then carved and decorated entirely by hand. I sketch designs onto the clay surface when it is firm, yet moist—the stage called leather hard—and then invest a significant amount of time, using a variety of tools, to carve the clay.


Intricately carved vessel in progress

Intricately carved vessel in progress


People ask how I decide what to carve. I am greatly inspired by the natural world, historical ornament, calligraphy, and patterns in textiles, metal work, and ceramics. I explore textural patterns in my work through ornament, movement, fluid lines, and a peaceful palette of transparent glazes.


Hand thrown carved porcelain by Grace DePledge

Hand thrown carved porcelain by Grace DePledge


Although decoration of each pot begins with a plan, I find that as I begin to carve, there are always spontaneous additions.


Hand thrown carved porcelain vessel by Grace DePledge

Hand thrown carved porcelain vessel by Grace DePledge


I believe that experiencing beauty is essential to life, and I value investing my work with human touch, enduring quality, and fine craftsmanship. Working in clay brings me great joy.  I hope to share that joy and bring a little art into the everyday lives of people who use my pots.



  1. omgosh, your work is so beautiful…i just love the birds so intricately carved into the clay!! And the light blue glaze goes so nicely with the patterns you’ve carved!!

  2. Beautiful work!

  3. Grace, your work is wonderful. It has the look of fine antiques, especially the Robin’s Egg Blue ones. The kind of pieces people would comment “They don’t make them like that anymore.”

    • Thanks to all for you kind words. If you are interested in being notified when new work is available, please visit my website: gracedepledge.com, and fill out to he brief form to be placed in my email list.

  4. I am unable to locate a place to buy your work. Suggestions?

  5. Such a peaceful loveliness to your pieces. I can hear beautiful music in the background while carving!

  6. Phyllis Rosenberg says

    What is the tool shown in the picture of you carving the bird with leaves?

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