Featured Artist Mark Venaglia

Mural artist Mark Venaglia presents his amazing portfolio of work. Find out more about him by visiting his website.


mural flower detail

Flower Detail, mural by artist Mark Venaglia


As an eco-artist, I often find inspiration in nature: the geometry, the breadth, and even the organic aspects of urban structures. I love to experiment with complex color palettes and adore their effect on deeper aspects of the subconscious. I often prefer to welcome input from others and everyday walks of life in order to accurately emulate my subject matter.


Geary Building mural

Geary Building, New York City, mural by Mark Venaglia


I’m currently working on a 6′ square commission for a passionate Wall Street collector that will dedicate an entire room to the piece. This work blends two of my favorite things which are opulent Manhattan architecture and collaborating closely with a client.


Lisa Sfumato

“Lisa Sfumato (Mona Lisa Smile)” mural by Mark Venaglia


I love to develop in the studio with my clients’ input so I can accurately understand and reflect their vision. My other current projects include a PerCent for Art mural for a redevelopment site in NJ and a series of life-size trompe l’oeil paintings of The Statue of Liberty for an immersive visual experience.


Mark Venaglia

Artist Mark Venaglia on site.


There’s not one particular medium I enjoy working with more than others. Murals, canvas, faux finishes, ornaments and tree toppers, ostrich eggs, and hand-painted purses are all ways I like to express myself. In addition, I also love to conduct unauthorized private tours at New York City museums. Sharing my artistic knowledge and opening the eyes of my patrons rekindles my creative ingenuity. ​​​​


Wysteria Mural

Interior Mural with Wysteria by Mark Venaglia


My work is always a true reflection of my zeal. Dedicated meditation allows me to access a 4th dimension that I hope to accurately present in reality. I dream of establishing the 1980’s Trompe L’oeil style as a bonafide Art Movement worthy of museum retrospective.


Vitruvian Emmy

Mural detail “Vitruvian Emmy” by Mark Venaglia


In addition to pursuing my own artistic interests (like exploring my fascination with 3D cinema and stereoscopic photography realized in paintings), I long to spread my knowledge of representational art on the collegiate level and revive the Works Progress Administration mural program utilizing contemporary American artists and the supergraphic printing process.



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