Featured Artist Boisali Biswas

Enjoy the vibrant portfolio of artist Boisali Biswas, who uses many techniques to work with fiber. Visit her website to see more of her art.



“Musings” (detail) woven, Pieced, hand embroidered, quilted, 43” x 36”


I like to think of myself as a mixed-media fiber artist. I have always liked to combine both weaving and surface design in my work, mainly because of my love for both.


Beyond the  Boundaries

“Beyond The Boundaries” weaving with painted wallpaper and yarns, 24” x 53”


Like most artists, I have also been an avid collector of innumerable materials, hoping to use them some day. Among other things, every little fabric scrap is saved, especially if they were created by me.


Fiber artist Boisali Biswas in the studio

Fiber artist Boisali Biswas in the studio


Using these materials, some of which are very nonconventional, and incorporating them with planned materials creates a world for me where it is like walking down a memory lane. Almost every little piece has a memory associated with it.



“Nightfall” discharge shibori, overdyed, embroidered, wrapping, hand quilted, 35” x 51”


Having lived in this country for over two decades, very naturally I have adapted to the whole new world, my surroundings, nature, the distinct seasons and everything else. But I have always had a deep-rooted attachment to the traditional art forms of my culture-rich homeland, India, and owe much to its captivating traditional patterns and the rich array of colors.



“Dreamtime” screen-printed, painted, embellished, pieced, quilted, 90” x 36”


As a result, my life, artwork, the environment I create around me and like to live in has become a true melting pot.


Memoryscapes in Motion

“Memoryscapes in Motion” woven with shredded photographs, each panel 6” x 64-67”


My formative years during my BFA were spent at Visva-Bharti International University, founded by the Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. The essence of that profound experience has stayed with me and always inspired me, even after all these years. My MFA is from Bowling Green State University.


I Spy

“I Spy” woven and surface design, hand-quilted, 48” x 42”


Raising my kids and being totally involved as a full-time mother along with the pursuit of my artwork in a way got intertwined with each other in my life. The inspiration for my art comes from my life, our stories, travels, and surroundings.


Fire Country

“Fire Country” painted wallpaper weaving, 27”x 36”


A few years back, I discovered paintable wallpaper, on which I could paint like a canvas, cut into strips and weave back with various other yarns. That opened up a new direction, since I love to paint too. And combining this with various yarns, fabrics, natural materials like reeds, etc. created rich textures.



“Yearning” woven with discarded fruit netting, painted wallpaper, 25” x 32”


I have also had a huge fascination for Primitive Art around the world and from there the figures, motifs, colors, textures often show up too.


Celebration of Nature

“Celebration of Nature” weaving, screen-printing, quilting, ceramic pieces, 43” x 44”


In surface design, I use techniques like screen-printing, painting, printing, stamping, shibori, and embroidery to change a blank piece of material into something very exciting. I use them in my art quilts or combine them with my weaving to create very complex pieces.

My goal is to continue the exploration of the medium, for I strongly feel that the sky is the limit.


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  1. Extraordinary and absolutely stunning works of art!

  2. wonderful work Boisali, it reminds me of the wonderful collection of old and ancient textiles they have in the V&A London – best ashar

  3. Jeff Houck says

    Is “Dreamtime” available for sale? I just walked by it, and I love it!

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