Featured Artist Karen McGovern

Enjoy the unusual jewelry portfolio of artist Karen McGovern, and visit her website to see more of her collection.


Medicine Man Cuff

“Medicine Man Cuff” Brass with faux bone, enamel copper, brass accents, sterling silver antlers, vintage bone carved face, 2″ x 6″


I am a conservation biologist by day and jewelry designer by night.  My works are inspired by nature, created by hand.


Cumulus Necklacce

“Cumulus Necklace” Coral, sterling silver, dumeritite pendant measuring 4″ on 17″ sterling silver chain


As a self-taught artist, I work with a mix of metals including brass, copper, and sterling silver. I create unique mixed media art jewelry designs that reflect my deep love and respect for wildlife and wild places.


Ghia Ring

“Ghia Ring” Rough turquoise set in sterling silver with copper wire accents, size 8


I strive to use my designs to raise funds and awareness for wildlife conservation programs through the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation, the wildlife sanctuary where my husband and I work and live.


Dragon Lady Necklace

“Dragon Lady Necklace” Silver dragonfly wings, copper, aluminum, druzy and pearl pendant measuring 4″ x 3.5″ on 17″ copper ball chain


My work often tells a story—incorporating key elements I collect from many places including my own backyard.  I love to incorporate unusual and unexpected things in my designs like bone and fur, feathers, botanicals, photographs, antiquities and more.


Shaman Cuff

“Shaman Cuff” Leather, deer antler, sterling silver, enamel copper, ceramic beads, adjustable 7.5″ to 9″


I want to create affordable, unique designs that are not only wearable art, but also inspire the wearer to share with others the story behind the design itself.  Teachable jewelry designs, if you will.


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