Featured Artist Sheron Smith

Painter Sheron Smith creates a highly textural portfolio of abstract art. Find out more about her by visiting her website.


New Moon

“New Moon” Mixed Media Acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 36″


As a child of a military family, I was born in La Rochelle, France. I moved with my family to Japan, then traveled around the country, settling at the Presidio in San Francisco, California.  Growing up in the beautiful city of San Francisco colors my artistic perspective.  I am influenced by the ocean, wind, rocks, sun, moon, and the city.  All of these are reoccurring themes in my art.


Silver Seas

“Silver Seas” diptych, Mixed Media Acrylic on canvas, each piece 18″ x 36″


Not all, but many of my contemporary abstract paintings include one recognizable element. That element may be from nature like trees, sun, moon, or water.  Or,  it could be a city, person, or a building.


Moon Rising

“Moon Rising No 4″ Mixed Media Acrylic on canvas, 18″ x 36”


My art is affected by colors I come across. I may see inspiring color in an object that is totally unrelated to what I end up painting. The colors of an unrelated object may actually spawn a painting! It may be someone’s dress, or a piece of rusty metal, or something that occurs in nature. The colors I choose to use often do not represent nature. Color is frequently a springboard for my creativity.


Sea  Gaze

“Sea Gaze” Mixed Media Acrylic on canvas, 36″ x 36″


I create much of the texture in my paintings using a painting knife with acrylic paint and mediums. Different media such as lightweight pumice, sand, paper, acrylic mediums and other media create high texture my paintings. I often contrast texture with smooth glazes in the same painting. Contrast is the essence of my work.



“Oceanapolis” Mixed Media Acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 36″


Each painting I create is a wild adventure for me! There is nothing that equals the pleasure I get when I spread and sculpt media with a painting knife. I may start with a vague idea about color, technique, and subject, but I mostly let my spirit guide me.

For me art is an exploration of contrasts. I believe that art need not be over-explained. Art speaks to each of us loudly, quietly, or not at all, but always individually!


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