Featured Artist Blue Fire MacMahon

Ceramic artist Blue Fire MacMahon presents a collection of whimsical sculptures that share gentle wisdom and her spiritual inspiration. Visit her website for more.


Owls and the Beauty Bird in the Forest

“Owls and the Beauty Bird in the Forest” hand built clay sculpture, 12” tall


I knew as soon as I started working with clay that this medium was different from the other creative mediums I had worked in. It felt familiar, like a memory. It was in my hands, hardwired into me already.


Rainbow Cat

“Rainbow Cat” hand built clay sculpture, 8” tall x 6” wide


Maybe it’s just that we humans have been working with this wet earth, shaping it, creating art with it since humans began on this earth. Or maybe there is just something in the Earth itself that naturally flows through human hands and clay out into the world.


Inspiration for Blue Fire MacMahon's work

Inspiration for Blue Fire MacMahon’s work


All I know for sure is that it feels good and so satisfying to be in my studio working, my hands immersed in clay.


Owl Person Dreaming the Beauty of this Moment

“Owl Person Dreaming the Beauty of this Moment” hand built clay sculpture, 4.5” tall


My father was an artist, a painter and art professor who encouraged me from the start. I followed him around with my little sketchbook. I see in those first images that I came into this life with a love for color, line and creating.


Detail image showing colors and texture

Detail image showing colors and texture


In college, I received a traditional art education studying drawing, painting, art history and an academic approach to art. Later I worked as a silk screen printer, graphic designer and commercial product photographer before I came home to clay. I’ve been enjoying creating with clay for 24 years now and feel like I’m just getting started.


Dancing In the Rainbow Horse

“Dancing In the Rainbow Horse” hand built clay sculpture, 7” tall


I love working with color, and working with underglazes is so much like painting. This particular type of ceramic glaze is special in that what you see while applying the glaze is what you get after they are fired to 2000 degrees and become permanently part of the artwork.


A few favorite tools

A few favorite tools


The black lines are also underglaze. They emphasize the interweaving of drawing / painting 2D art with 3D art sculpture in my work.


Owl Person Holding Open the Rainbow

“Owl Person Holding Open the Rainbow” hand built clay sculpture, 8” wide x 4.25” tall


Hikes in the beauty of the mountains here provide me with inspiration. My artwork expresses my spiritual connection with the natural world and is an integral part of my spiritual practice. I’ve studied with a spiritual teacher for 18 years and received my name, Blue Fire, 16 years ago.


Owl Person and the Beauty Bird Dreaming Love

“Owl Person and the Beauty Bird Dreaming Love” hand built clay sculpture, 8” tall


I encourage viewers to hold and look closely at my artworks and observe the Mystery emerging there. That creative process can be seen in the textured surfaces, the playful colors, the finger prints in the clay, the rough bits and the smooth places; all are traces of my spiritual relationship with Creation.


Owl Person and the Dancing Beauty Bird on a Sunny Day

“Owl Person and the Dancing Beauty Bird on a Sunny Day” hand built clay sculpture, 6” tall


I am at home when I stand openhearted, free of judgment at that doorway to the Mystery and participate in It’s unfolding.


Blue Fire MacMahon invites you to follower her on Facebook and Twitter and visit her Etsy shop.



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  1. I have followed her work for quite a while and love, love, love it!

  2. carol bakker says

    I love this work as well. It feels both whimsical, timeless, and modernistic. I have one piece and hope to get more. Beautiful work.

  3. Hi Carol! thank you : )

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