Featured Artist Jeff Owen

Sculptor Jeff Owen creates three-dimensional artwork out of a deep affinity for the materials he works with; building his sculptures by focusing on patterns, textures and form. Visit Jeff’s website to see more of his unique art.


White Space

“White Space”


Who am I? I am an accidental artist. After discovering an old welder in my father-in-law’s garage, I took it home and started to “play” with it. I was immediately taken with welding metal together. From that moment I began creating art pieces, big and small; I’ve never even considered making bridges or structures, only art.


Iron Butterfly

“Iron Butterfly”


I work blind most of the time; meaning I don’t have a set plan, drawing, or design in mind. I let my imagination run, sometimes for hours, before jumping in and starting work.


Balance Beam

“Balance Beam”


My treasure trove of materials, collected over the years, act as my brushes and paint. My canvas is a three-dimensional empty space.





Once I start a piece, I don’t stop in its creation. I will take a break, but the piece’s form will come out of me within a day’s time. I don’t rush myself; I work to complete each piece deliberately and consciously, deciding that it is done when I feel complete with it.


Mother and Child

“Mother and Child”


My goals are to be “discovered”. This is an elusive goal, but one to strive toward.





A collector of mine told me that an LA art critic told him: “Now was the time to acquire a Jeff Owen, while he is still affordable.” That made my day. The collector ended up buying three pieces from me that day and added, “…as an investment.”


Boxed In

“Boxed In”


I’m currently working on a series of medium size sculptures using many of the materials I have collected throughout the years. Digging through old bins and drawers to find those odd pieces and giving them new life in sculpture.





I’m inspired by fellow sculptor David Smith. His talent, imagination, and determination to make sculpture has invigorated my life.


Symphony in B Minor

“Symphony in B Minor”


I am inspired by my collectors who ask me to “create something” for a spot in their garden, putting their trust in my work. Nothing is more satisfying than a happy collector.



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