Featured Artist Richard Mordecki

Imagine yourself behind the wheel of one of the powerful American muscle cars or sleek European autos featured in Richard Mordecki’s colorful and sometimes otherworldly acrylic paintings. To see more of his artwork, please visit his website.


Low n Slo 500 (2)


Art has been a part of my life since a very young age. I started drawing cars and selling them through the mail at age 12. I have always made my living as an artist. Beginning in high school, I worked summers at a china company doing layouts for screenprinted glassware and hand lettering ceramic items with 24k gold paint. I worked in advertising in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and did a job on the side painting signs (which was where I made my money).


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This was followed by a three year stint in the army as an illustrator for the Atomic Weapons training group in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After the service, I worked for several years as a technical illustrator for the Naval Underwater Sound Lab in New London, Connecticut. Throughout all this I continued painting signs on the side as a way to make extra money; especially as I now had a family to support.


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I moved back to New Mexico with my growing family and worked as a sign painter. During this time I did all types of art – oils, pastels, watercolors, etc. In 1990 I started my own sign company with my son and wife which we ran for 25 years. I sold the business to my son two years ago and retired.


Highboy 500 (2)


Now I have come full circle. I’m doing drawings and paintings of cars! Life is funny that way. Along the way, I raised six kids, have been married for over 40 years to my wonderful wife who is a stained glass artist and avid quilter, and we are having the time of our life doing what we enjoy.


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I have combined my lifelong interest in cars and art into what I am now doing as an artist. My interest started with the hot rod scene back in the 50’s; it has now spread to all types of cars including classics and European cars. They are an art form in and of themselves.


Old Gentleman 500 (2)


I am particularly fascinated with reflections. The auto body and chrome are like mirrors reflecting whatever is around them. In this I find beauty. I have used my skills as an artist to do renderings of the various surfaces including using acrylics and airbrush techniques to achieve the realistic effects I am after.


Sonny 500 (2)


I use my love of landscape painting to provide the backdrop for the cars and have also used my interest in astronomy and science fiction to create imagined scenes from other worlds as backdrops for some of my paintings.


Red Rocket 500 (2)


I have found niche groups among automobile enthusiasts and have done several commissions for the Studebaker people who are very passionate about their cars. My goal is to continue to develop my skills and to do paintings of all the cars I have seen and admired throughout my life.


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  1. Gorgeous paintings! I like to paint motorcycles myself.

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