Featured Artist Carrie Webster

The digital photography of Carrie Webster captures the imagination of the viewer, drawing them into her whimsical, surreal and sometimes dark scenes. Enjoy her wonderfully creative portfolio by visiting her website.


Flying High

“Flying High” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


I have had the desire to create since before I can remember. I have tried to ignore it at different times throughout my life, but this has just made the calling to create even stronger. I really believe that creativity is part of a universal energy that can be harnessed and channeled by those people that choose to connect with it.


Pigs Can Fly

“Pigs Can Fly” Digital Photography, “Flying High” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


As a child I loved drawing and painting and made it to art school shortly after finishing high school, majoring in film and photography. Since that time I have worked in a variety of mediums including lino prints, charcoal, painting, and pastels, and I have released a range of t-shirts, licensed greeting card illustrations and worked on some short animations in conjunction with Southern Star productions. Professionally, I worked in graphic design, and later web design, and now in the more specialised field of User Experience.


Owl & Pussycat

“Owl & Pussycat” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


I believe that all artists have the ability, although maybe not the inclination, to switch between mediums at various times of their creative life span. The artist’s tools are really just a channel to express their creativity although artists tend to connect to, or specialise in, a particular tool or medium that they then stick with. For me, I have re-connected with photography and I know that this is the creative channel for me at this time.


Year of the Tiger

“Year of the Tiger” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


In November of 2013, I made the decision to follow my creative calling and started the transition from working full time in IT to working full time on my art business. It’s not an easy journey, but it is definitely rewarding, and I am more than confident of creating my own successes.


Year of the Horse

“Year of the Horse” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


My current creative passion is about creating stories with photography and Photoshop. I generally work on a connected series with a theme, usually working on one “story” at a time as the inspiration strikes me.


Facing Your Demons with Kindness

“Facing Your Demos with Kindness” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


An image can take me anywhere from one day to three months to complete, depending on complexity, time constraints and resource availability. I have worked on a number of series where I have morphed photographs of fruit and vegetables into surreal, whimsical and sometimes dark landscapes; my daughter features heavily in many of these.


Refreshingly Different

“Refreshingly Different” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


The inspiration for my work generally comes easily and frequently. I can be inspired by a moment of conversation, an unusual cloud formation, reading an inspirational story, or a piece of artwork. My limitations are my time, which like for most of us, is such a premium. I already have ideas for my next four photography series!


Over the Moon

“Over the Moon” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


I am very excited about the creative journey that I am on, and I know that with all the gratification that creativity provides, there is an equal amount of hard work to be done. The key for me is to stay motivated, and to keep growing and feeling challenged by obstacles in my path.


Royal Portrait

“Royal Portrait” Digital Photography, Various Sizes


Never. Give. Up.


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  1. Fantastic! Loved the Royal Portrait…the Princess & the Frog! Such a beautiful imagination you have.

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